Tabletop Glass Vases


Tabletop Glass Vases

Do you want to add a dash of elegance to your drab tables? Choose our premium quality Tabletop Glass Vases to decorate your tables and give your guests an elite dining experience. Be it for a wedding, birthday, shower, or home decoration, Tableclothsfactory has an amazing range of grand centerpieces and glass vases that will surely impart chicness to your tables.

Whatever the theme of your event, you can find decorative glass vases at Tableclothsfactory to make a strikingly elegant statement. Being a creative addict with an artistic vision, you’d want to arrange our gold geometric glass terrarium or gold mercury glass vases to augment the beauty of your table decoration tenfold. While a tall crystal ball trumpet vase placed atop a round mirror is sure to draw everyone’s attention to the dining table. You can also make a dynamic statement using our gold foiled glass flower vases or showcase your aesthetic sense of style by corralling some votive candle holders around glass cylinder vases or chic glass flower vases to impress your guests.

Explore Tableclothsfactory’s fabulous range of glass decorative vases to impart a grand look to your event décor. So, what are you waiting for? Look for your favorite tabletop glass vases, tall centerpieces, and flower vases to add a sumptuous appeal to your table decoration.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  How to clean inside of glass vase ?

Ans: You don't want your table vases to fog up, whether it's for a flower bouquet or just to decorate the table. There are numerous methods to get to the inside of your vase. The simplest method is to soak it in warm soapy water and scrub the inside with a soft-bristled brush. If the mineral deposits or rings won't budge, consider one of the methods below to clean the inside of your glass vase decor.

  • Warm soapy water and a bottle brush are the easiest ways to clean a glass vase. Although this strategy is the most basic, it is rarely effective. This is due to the fact that you will not be able to reach all the hard-to-reach parts inside the vase.
  • Fill your glass vase with white vinegar and let it sit for several hours before pouring to remove hard water deposits. If any stains remain after the vinegar has dried, wipe them off with a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Hard water deposits can also be removed with a lemon. Cut a lemon and spread it all over the surface. If your hand doesn't fit, cut the lemon into quarters and drop the quarters in, turning them.
  • Large vases can of course be cleaned with a glass cleaner. If you can't get to the bottom, spray the cleaner directly on it and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse well with water and air dry.
  • Another traditional approach is to combine ½ tablespoon of salt with vinegar to make a paste. The paste should then be smeared around with a delicate bottlebrush. Allow 30 minutes to pass before scrubbing with warm water.

2. What to put in glass vases ?

Ans: Glass vases for flowers can hold and display more than just fresh flower arrangements. Whether you fill them with lemons, seashells, or kitchen utensils, you can create beautiful and functional storage pieces with glass vases for centerpieces for your bathroom, bedroom, or living room. They also make perfect home improvements such as side table arrangements or centerpieces for special occasions.

Vine balls make great eye-catching vase fillers, while acorns and leaves are a natural choice for a fall vase filler idea if your home needs a little sparkle or a sophisticated touch. Fill a glass vase with natural materials like spices, grains, grass seeds, or dried beans to add color and texture to a neutral room.

Whatever the event or season, you'll find various vase fillers to fit your needs. They are so simple to make that you can make decorated glass vases using a few materials around the house. But, best of all, they are extremely inexpensive, so they will not only beautify your vases but are also good for your wallet.

3. Can I put a candle in a glass vase ?

Ans: Candles can be placed in a variety of short and tall glass vases or containers. For a more casual effect, invert a large glass vase and place the candle on top. Check if the glass pedestal vase is sturdy enough to be used in this way. For visual appeal, use sets of two or three that vary in size to make a statement in your bedroom or the living room.

However, when lighting a candle in a flower glass vase, as with any other type of candle, you have to be careful. Place the candle in a heat-resistant holder to protect the surface it sits on. Keep the candle and holder away from combustible materials. 

As the level of wax nears the bottom of the glass decorative vase, make sure the wick stays centered in the candle and blow it out. If the flame reaches the bottom of the container, it can concentrate too much heat at the base of the wick and break the crystal vase.

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