Taper Candle Holders


Taper Candle Holders

Enhance the beauty of your candles with artistically crafted taper candle holders and candelabras to impart impeccable sheen and radiance to the surroundings. Pairing taper candles with exquisitely designed modern taper candle holders not only elegantly illume your space but also add style and sophistication to your otherwise plain and dull spaces.

Add a minimalistic contemporary touch to your dinner tablescapes by exhibiting your taper candles in a sleek and stylish gold metal ring taper candle holder or gold metal geometric taper candle holders with horseshoe base to exude a chic flair. If you’re looking for sumptuous candle holders for taper candles to exude luxury at your upscale event, opt for our premium crystal glass hurricane taper candlestick holder with chandelier chains to impart a regal touch to the event decor. Whereas, if you want a simple yet striking candle holder centerpiece, place our wavy gold metal candelabra candle holder on your table and arrange pretty blooms in the middle for an eye-catching appeal.

Candle holders are available in a wide range of designs and styles at tableclothsfactory to help you perfectly complement your event theme & design. Thus, exquisitely display your candles using our candlestick holders taking the event decor to a whole new level of glamour and grandeur. Check out our taper candle holders collection now!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What to do with candlestick holders ?

Ans: While taper candle sticks are timeless, their appearance can become antiquated when displayed in the same manner over time. It's high time to look for new ways to use your collection of candlestick holders for a variety of purposes, including centerpieces, fireplace accents, and holiday décor.

Who says a taper holder has to be used only with candles?  In a cluster, it's acceptable to leave them without a candle because a decorative taper candle can set the mood even when it's unlit. You can also make a candlestick a lovely pedestal for a flower or topiary ball.

Consider using taper candlestick holders as a vase if you're looking for unique ways to display a flower arrangement. When decorated with flowers, taper holders can be an extremely beautiful event and home décor. A single rosebud or a few sprays can be placed in a long-stemmed modern candelabra such as our 4 Arm Gold Metal Geometric Taper Candle Holder, while a bouquet can be placed in a larger one such as our Glass Hurricane Taper Candle Holders.

2. How to clean candlestick holders ?

Ans: Candlelight makes family meals, romantic evenings, and cold nights even more magical. Unfortunately, the wax residues from your lit candles have dripped down and hardened on the sides and base of your tall taper candle holders. The good news is that wax removal is relatively straightforward.

The best alternative is to use a dull wooden or plastic stick, such as a nail file, to remove it. To get rid of any wax left behind after carefully breaking up larger residues, wipe the candle holder clean with a paper towel or cloth. For stubborn wax residue, you can choose between these two options: freezing and melting.

For wood and metal taper candle holders, place them in a plastic bag to keep them from getting wet and freeze them for about 15 minutes or until the wax comes off easily, wiping off any excess wax with a paper towel or cloth. Another alternative is to place an ice cube in a plastic bag and put it directly on top of the wax and keep it there until it freezes.

Using heat to soften wax residue is another method. If it won't damage the taper holders, fill your sink or a pan big enough for your candle holder with hot water and soak until the wax softens. Carefully scrape the soft wax off the candle stick holder with a plastic scraper. Buff them well with a cloth and dispose of the wax properly.

3. Where to buy taper candle holders ?

Ans: Looking for the ideal candle holder set to go with your existing decor? Don't look any further. There are many types of candlesticks to choose from at TableclothsFactory, so it will be easy to find one that matches the rest of your home or party decor. 

We offer our geometric gold taper candle holders with clean lines and basic forms for a modern aesthetic. These metal candlestick sets go well with a modern, industrial design. If your home or event is elegantly decorated, you'll want to complement it with the beauty of our very simple yet stunning gemcut crystal taper candle holders.

We are confident you'll find a tapered candle stand that appeals to you, whether you're going for a traditional decorative style or something more contemporary. These conversation-starting long candle holders will add a touch of refinement to a dinner party or can be a charming way to use as an accent piece on a holiday-themed table, and can be given as a gift. Just take the time to consider the various possibilities open to you and everything will work out perfectly.

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