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Velvet Fabric Bolt

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Velvet Fabric Bolt

This soft touch washable velvet fabric is surely an emblem of excellence, elegance, and enchantment. Created from premium quality polyester with lush pink crushed velvet fabric, this regal piece offers soft, textured feel with sheen finish. The royal luster coupled with the soft velvety texture make this piece a pure pleasurable accessory to enticingly accentuate your event and home decor.

Transform your guest and dessert tables with the luster and pure glamour of our velvet fabrics wholesale. Our pink crushed velvet fabric event linen is soft and heavy weight. This washable velvet fabric effortlessly achieves a lavish look for any occasion, but delivers an especially luxurious flavor for weddings, winter wonderland themes, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and ballroom galas. Our velvet tablecloths wholesale are available in a variety of versatile colors that complement your event in any season. While our pink crushed velvet fabric linen often brings to mind rich dark colors befitting fall and winter months, the truth is, velvet boasts an equally fresh and renewed spirit for spring events while also lending a modern touch to those summertime planned parties. Elegant velvet tablecloths wholesale for rectangular tables can be used to transfigure and bring cohesion to an entire venue. They can also be used in seclusion, such as to highlight a cake table to make it a star player where all eyes are drawn.

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