Vinyl Placemats


Vinyl Placemats

If you’re looking for something that adds color to your dining area, our top-quality vinyl placemats may just be right for you. With our vast collection of premium vinyl placemats, you will definitely find one that perfectly complements your interior design or motif themes.

Protect your lovely table with style using our non slip placemats with various designs that can instantly light up your entire dining area. Whether you want to enhance your simple mealtimes at home or host a fancy event, you can never go wrong with our Round Woven Vinyl Placemats that are perfect for any occasion and special holidays. 

If you want to add some finesse to your steak and wine nights, our fancy Floral Vinyl Placemats are the best suit for you. However, if you’re leaning into class and elegance, our Metallic String Woven Placemats offer modern looks for your tablescape.

No matter which style you have in mind for your dining area, TableclothsFactory is undoubtedly the best place to shop for your vinyl or plastic placemats needs. Visit our online store and explore our impressive variety and designs of vinyl modern placemats now!



1. What is the use of placemats ? 

Ans: Although they may not appear to be necessary for setting the table, dining table placemats serve both a utilitarian and decorative function. They reduce the amount of noise in the room and shield the table’s surfaces from excessive heat, scratches, and spills, which is especially important when it comes to preserving the look of lacquered wood, marble, stone, or classic table material. 

Elegant vinyl table place mats can be used in a formal dining environment, and they can be mixed and matched with tablecloths to create a unique look that will be truly unforgettable. In a casual setting, vinyl placemat sets can be used in place of a tablecloth to effortlessly transform dining rooms and give tablescapes the vibrancy and ambiance you wish to create.

2. How to remove stains from vinyl placemats ?

Ans: Fabric and plastic placemats will become soiled over time, especially if you use the same set on a regular basis. As a result, even though these vinyl dinner placemats are easier to clean than other materials, these table decor still require adequate care and attention to look as fresh as new.

Although water resistant, vinyl kitchen table placemats are still susceptible to stains. Fortunately, you don't have to be concerned about these concerns because there is a simple solution for keeping your placemats spot-free. However, vinyl material placemats are not machine washable. 

To clean light stains, simply wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth. Soak vinyl kitchen placemats in a mixture of water and dish soap for 1 to 2 minutes to remove stubborn deep stains.

3. Are vinyl placemats heat resistant ?

Ans: For individuals who own a lacquered hardwood table, heat rings and discoloration are a regular occurrence. Setting a hot dish or platter on a polished wooden table might leave ugly white markings or stains. Although the stain can be removed, it is not easy and very time-consuming.

If you have a lacquered-finish wooden table, you must opt for table mats with good insulation and a vinyl placemat material is one ideal option. These dining room placemats are a fantastic investment not only because they are heat and stain resistant placemats, but also because they are stylish, making your tabletop stand out in front of your family members.

The wider selection of hues, shapes, and styles also allows you to select the one that best complements your color scheme or design. Just mix and match until you find the greatest design fit for your needs. As these vinyl kitchen table mats are gorgeous in appearance, they also work wonders when used as chargers for your dinnerwares, placed under centerpieces, and hold decorative ornaments. 

4. Where to buy placemats ?

Ans: Are you looking for a fun way to dress up and brighten up your tablescapes? Then, among other dining accessories, vinyl wipeable placemats to upscale your dining tables may be what you're looking for. Browse TableclothsFactory's sleek, trendy style round vinyl placemats and other fantastic easy clean placemats to take your table setting to the next level, offering your guests a classy and stunning table setting to enjoy.

Our set of vinyl wipe clean placemats are available in various chic styles and patterns, some of these include metallic vinyl leaf placemats, decorative woven vinyl placemats, and vintage floral vinyl placemats. In many aspects, these washable placemats vinyl are both beautiful and functional, making them an excellent match for centerpieces and other dining room decor.

It's a good idea to consider using these high-quality vinyl plastic placemats on your dinner tables because they're easy to clean which is perfect for daily use. These thick vinyl placemats also go well with practically any type and color of tabletop, whether it's a wooden or white dining room table.

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