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Wedding Flowers & Greenery

Wedding Aisle Decor

The vast expanse of greenery and flowers around us remind us of the benevolence of nature. Flowers are a great way to express our emotions. Our collection of artificial Wedding Flowers & Greenery is meant to make the right statement at special occasions like a wedding ceremony.

The artificial hanging vine like our Cherry Blossom Silk Flower Garland seems to have just been picked from a natural vineyard to grace the inner space of your room. Made from premium silk, our 40" Royal Blue Silk Orchids Stem will keep the memories of serene spring alive in all seasons. Let the Artificial Silk Rose Garland UV Protected Flower Chain creep on any surface of your choice, while our 19" Frosted Green Artificial Eucalyptus Bouquet Plants can easily fit in a vase of your choice and can grace your wedding tables or aisle for a truly exotic display of color and charisma.

Greenery Wedding
Wedding Bouquets

With our wedding flower bouquets and greenery wedding decor, you can impart an evergreen look to your home, office, or wedding ambiance. These artificial wedding flowers would blossom throughout the year and emit radiance all the time to keep your spirits high. Just take a look at the colorful Wedding Flowers & Greenery items we have for you and collect to your heart’s content.




1. What to do with wedding flowers after wedding ?

Ans: After all that you went through in creating the perfect wedding bouquet, it's no surprise that you will want to keep it as a souvenir to remind you of one of the most special events in your life. If you want to keep your flowers forever, you can, and surprisingly, there are many creative ways to do it.

  • Use clear epoxy resin to preserve your artificial wedding bouquet in decorative shapes.
  • Liven up your blank walls in the living room by filling a wooden wall planter or used baskets with peony wedding bouquets.
  • Do your empty bathroom shelves a favor, display lively blooms and add small olive leaf garland around the frames for a unique ambiance.
  • One of the most incredible things you can do to your wedding floral bouquets is to make an aesthetic pressed wedding bouquet picture frame to hang in your bedroom. Spread out the blooms inside the frame and add old torn magazine pages for a retro vintage look.

2. How to make artificial flower wedding bouquets ?

Ans: Bridal bouquets can be quite expensive and using fresh flowers to create one will only last for a few days. This is the reason why more and more brides prefer wedding flowers artificial for their wedding bouquets and other wedding flower needs. Not only are they perfect if you are a DIY enthusiast, but at the same time you can save money and use it on other wedding decor essentials.

First of all, check out our wide range of inexpensive wedding flowers that best suit your aesthetic for your DIY bridal bouquet.

  • Trim excess leaves from each artificial flower stem, except for the one or two closest to the flower head.
  • Choose 2-4 flowers to serve as the base and cluster by wrapping floral tape around the stems.
  • Build the bouquet one stem at a time, twisting and gluing as you go, until you get the desired size. It is totally up to you how big or small you prefer the bouquet to be.
  • Wrap the stems collectively in a final layer of floral tape for stability. Trim the bottom of the stems to the desired length using a wire cutter.
  • Heat the glue gun and glue the burlap or any ribbon of your choice evenly around the stems. Wrap once or twice and secure with a thin layer of hot glue. Adorn as you wish.

3. How to make artificial flower wedding bouquets ?

Ans: Participating in creating decorations for the wedding ceremony makes the wedding celebration even more memorable and meaningful. However, if you think you're not crafty enough, this can be quite a challenge. Despite this, there is an easy DIY project that any bride-to-be can easily create that is perfect to place on wedding tables, and it's a DIY wedding table garland.

You can combine an olive branch garland and locust leaf branch as your base for this project, or utilize any other greenery garland wedding that you think best suits your wedding theme. Place and weave them together at the center of the table so you’ll be able to determine how long you need the garland table runner to be. To secure the artificial greenery garland, you can wrap some floral wires along the branches that are sticking out.

To create more depth and interest, add beautiful accents like succulents and lovely large pillar candles to tie up all the wedding elements into your decor. You decide whether to do this symmetrically or randomly, whichever you think works best for your design. Also, if you're having any young children at the wedding, you may want to replace traditional candles with LEDs.

4. Where to buy wedding flowers ?

Ans: Give your wedding ceremony a smart and trendy floral twist by using the most realistic, durable, and inexpensive alternative to fresh wedding flowers. And we’re talking about none other than TableclothsFactory’s charming collection of silk wedding flowers. What’s even more fascinating about these wholesale wedding flowers is that there’s no need to stress about loose petals falling as you walk down the aisle and possibly smearing your pristine dress.

We have a plethora of popular wedding flowers that you can choose from, from velvet rose flowers to artificial peony flower heads and silk wedding bouquets like orchids, dahlias, hydrangeas, and other types of wedding flowers that have a high demand. These bulk wedding flowers can be used in many areas of your wedding ceremony and reception, such as the wedding flower bouquet, wedding altar flowers, wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers, and wedding arch flowers, to name a few. 

And because these affordable wedding flowers can last for a long time, you will be able to keep them for sentimental purposes or even reuse them in future events. No matter how simple or grandiose your ceremony, or how intricate or understated the arrangements you want to create, we have an abundance of wedding ceremony flowers and the most popular wedding flowers, so you won’t have to search elsewhere for your wedding flower needs.

5. Where to get greenery for wedding ?

Ans: It's true that almost all weddings use gorgeous flowers and blooms, but we can't deny the fact that greenery is just as attractive as delicate flowers. Green foliage can look amazing on its own, just as it does when added to wedding bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, and much more. They are also incredibly versatile for any type of wedding decor.

If you plan to wed under a four-post canopy or add romantic arches to your wedding aisle, incorporating TableclothsFactory’s greenery wedding decor is a perfect way to give your makeshift altar a sophisticated yet natural touch. Plus, a realistic-looking eucalyptus leaf spray or olive garland goes very well with a rustic or beach wedding theme.

The best thing about greenery for wedding tables is that they go well with just about anything. There are so many styles and types of greenery wedding that you can choose from, whether you are looking for a single monstera tropical leaf, a bunch of faux greenery, or a long and lush greenery garland, you can find the greenery arrangements you need to complement both floral arrangements and centerpieces.

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