Wine Cups and Goblets


Wine Cups and Goblets

While good wine can spruce up any celebration, an inappropriate glass can spoil even the finest beverage in the world. In order to help you prevent any disappointments, we’ve got you covered with our wine glass & goblet collection.

The first thing about our wine glasses, which will make you amazed, is that all of them are extremely inexpensive. The second jawdropping feature of our glasses is that they are made from plastic – yes, there is no mistake here, they are 100% plastic despite their striking resemblance to their glass and metal counterparts. And, finally, the third thing that will surprise you is their extensive range – available in a variety of shapes and designs, our plastic wine glasses can complement any theme and can suit any type of wine. For instance, if you are craving to enjoy the heavenly taste of your wine to the fullest as soon as possible, it’s advisable to consider our clear with red base disposable champagne wine goblet, which due to its bowl-like shape, allows a lot of aroma reach your nose – there is no better option for red wine. At the same time, if there is white wine on your menu, it is highly recommended to go for our glasses with narrower bowls, including our gold rimmed clear champagne flutes cocktail disposable plastic goblet glasses.

At, we understand that a glass of good wine makes any party get started. If you want to enjoy your wine to the fullest, look no further than our collection of wine glasses, which despite being made from plastic, will transform your event into a sophisticated wine-tasting soiree. Whether you need a simple goblet, a blue-stem wine glass, or a dozen of wine stemless glasses, please don’t hesitate to shop from our online store!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy wine glasses ?

Ans: Serve your most popular red and white wine in durable plastic party wine glasses that can be mistaken for a crystal stemware. Whether you’re organizing a casual party or getting ready for a big event, TableclothsFactory offers an extensive collection of disposable plastic wine glasses to meet the demands and aesthetic of your next celebration. Are you planning a party with a very long guest list? Buy the best plastic wine glasses in bulk from and save even more with our very affordable prices.

2. Where can I get plastic wine glasses ?

Ans: Serve wine, cocktails, champagne, water, or juice with TableclothsFactory's versatile disposable wine glasses. Excellent for use at weddings, fundraisers, outdoor receptions, or other serviced events, these plastic wine glasses bulk present drinks in a sophisticated way, and won’t break if accidentally dropped on hard surfaces. They are also made of clear plastic to mimic real glass. Spend more time with guests and less time at the sink by ordering disposable plastic wine glasses and goblets from

3. Where to buy plastic goblets ?

Ans: Bottoms up and be merry. With TableclothsFactory's collection of plastic wine goblets and plastic party wine glasses, you can ensure that your party never runs dry. Our plastic stemware is conveniently suited to any occasion, whether you need a pack of plastic goblet cups for a barbecue or premium plastic stemware like wine glasses for a cocktail party. Pair them with complimentary disposable plates and cutlery, and get ready to enjoy a festive evening with your guests.

4. How to decorate glasses for a party ?

Ans: You can decorate glasses with craft glitters, gloss enamel craft paint, pens, and washi glitter tape to create the patterns you want or according to your party theme. Or you can enhance the stems of the glasses with ribbons, beads, rhinestone stickers, or with colorful letters to distinguish them.

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