1 Set | 5FT x 9FT
Portable Isolation Wall Kit, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard

5FT x 9FT | Clear Portable Isolation Wall Kit, Floor Standing Sneeze Guard

Item Number:BKDP_DIVD_01

  • $139.99

Quantity: 1 Set Table Divider

Item Includes:

  • 1 Custom Adjustable Backdrop Stand With Steel Base
  • 6 Backdrop Clamps
  • 1 Vinyl Drape

Backdrop Stand 

  • Size: Adjustable, Max 10ft x 10ft
  • Material: Metal
  • Comes With:
    • 2 Stand Bases: 18" long x 18" wide x 3/16" thick
    • 2 Adjustable Height Support Stands: 5FT (smallest) to 10FT (longest)
    • 1 Adjustable Width Telescopic Cross Bars: 4FT (smallest) to 10FT (longest)
    • Pole Diameter: 1.25"
    • Cross Bar Diameter: 3cm Largest end

Backdrop Clamps: 

  • Total Clamps: 6pcs
  • Material: Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Clip Size: 4.5" Long x 2" Wide
  • Movable tips for maximum fit and tension

Vinyl Drape: 

  • Size: 9FT Long x 5 FT Wide
  • Thickness: 10 Mil
  • Serged Edge: 4 mm
Simple Set-Up, Easy To Assemble
Note: This Isolation Wall Kit Combo is for size 5FT wide x 9FT high
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

More Details


Isolation Partition Walls

As we are adapting to the new normal and carry on with the reopening process of businesses, educational institutions as well as continuation of events and festivities, it has become necessary to adhere to safety measures and social distancing rules for the safety of our guests, employees, customers, or students. Isolation Partition Walls, Dividing Partitions, or Sneeze Guards are the ideal solution for events and businesses that are required to follow social distancing protocols. This backdrop divider is freestanding, portable, easy to assemble, and give your guests, customers, and employees the protection they need.

Social Distancing Divider

Our Social Distancing Divider comes with an adjustable telescopic stand that can be adjusted as per your needs, a transparent vinyl sheet to ensure unhindered communication yet unsurpassed protection and clamps to keep sheet firmly at place. With a super wide 10 ft. width, this kit spans significantly longer than its Plexiglas and acrylic substitutes, while is a fraction of cost. Our Portable Partition Kit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor functions, small and large gatherings, weddings, holiday parties, and even for corporate events.


Versatile and Multifunctional

Versatile and multifunctional, these freestanding units can be used individually or connected to make wider partitions, walls or other structures like cubes or L-shapes. They can be used to separate tables or desks, sitting arrangements, perfect for plastic workout cubes at gym, isolate teachers from students, or as a way to create directional queuing in passages or hallways. Ensuring maximum protection, these Social Distancing Clear Vinyl Dividers are reusable as vinyl sheets can be washed or wiped down easily.


Additional Information:

  • Backdrop Stand
    • Capacity: 25 lbs max
    • Total Weight: 34.58 lbs
    • Cross bar locking system at top of 2 support stands
    • How to set up:
      • Connect the support stand to the base
      • Insert the adjustable width telescopic cross bar on top of the stand
      • To Tighten: Turn Knob RIGHT
      • To Loosen: Turn Knob LEFT
  • Backdrop Clamps
    • Movable tips for maximum fit and tension
    • Strong metal spring applies consistent pressure
    • Easy to use and re-position
  • Vinyl Protector
    • Thickness: 10 Mil
    • Serged Edge: 4 mm
    • Features: Reusable, Eco Friendly, Waterproof
  • Uses: Offices, Schools, Gyms, Restaurants, Hair & Nail Salons, Casinos, Churches, and many other businesses and organizations.

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