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6 x Glittered Tropical Palm Leaf - Turquoise

Item Number:GLIT_2688_TURQx6

  • $18.49

Palm leaves play a very important role in the course of history, being the symbol of victory, triumph, peace and eternal life, their significance cannot be denied. However, in modern times when we talk about palm leaves the first thing that comes in our mind is a quixotic recreational time in a tropical island, reclining beneath the shade of these palm leaves. Accented with heavy glitter coatings, these palm leaves will outshine all the swanky decorations. Make stunning wedding centerpiece arrangements with these leaves inserted in the bunch of satin daisies, organza lilies, or faux roses, top them on beautiful bouquets, corsages, and create an enchanting ambiance. Decorate your favor, cake or gift boxes with our shimmering palm leaves and bedazzle your guests with its impeccable sheen, and seamless glint!

Additional Information:
Approx. 25" total length of wire shaped into a tropical palm leaf and covered with glitters
Base stem branches into separate leaves of Approx. 4" length x wide; leaves are slightly bent to mimic real palms. They can be straightened or twisted as you please.
Purchase if for 6 Stems of Tropical Palm leafs only
Note: item sale is limited to glitter product, other suggested decoration accessories not included. some glitter may come off upon touching, this is normal and is not a defect.

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