Creating Exciting Event Decor with Taffeta Fabric

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Taffeta fabric is fascinating because of its shimmer – and crinkled taffeta is especially captivating. You’ll find many wonderful ways to use this material in decorating for events, especially in light of modern trends toward creating party and reception backdrops.

  • Simple reception backdrops can be made with taffeta fabric in any color. Pinned or stapled to a wall to look like curtains, the material can be draped to frame a life-sized picture or a giant poster. This is a wonderful way to accent a theme or celebrate a participant in the event.
  • Layered colors of the material can be used for even more sophisticated décor. Try creating a photography backdrop for special event memento photos.
  • Use crinkled taffeta strips to create oversized ribbons and drape them along a ceiling or table edge.
  • Accent the tables with contrasting fabric flowers of taffeta.
  • Tiny taffeta flowers can be crafted to use as cake decorations or party favors.
  • You can also use the material in vases or glass bowls to float in water or add color to floating candles.
  • Make your own chair accents and sashes with taffeta fabric for hard to fit chairs.

How have you created captivating displays at birthdays, showers, dances, banquets and weddings easily with these tips. 

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