5 Non-Traditional Color Combination Tips for Modern Event Décor

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Wedding reception decor can be truly rich in light of so many wonderful colors in materials. Chair covers and tablecloths may seem simple enough, but combining a layer of coordinating colors in a defined palate can create an effect that is simply striking. You will find many wonderful textures and types of material to consider as you coordinate colorful elements for your event. Whether you are an event planner or the social chairman for a prominent service organization, you can develop a reputation for having a magic touch in event decor.

  1. Chair covers have become popular for adding perfect contrast to a table décor color.
  2. Basic colors in tablecloths work well, especially when layers of color are added with items like table runners, napkins and chair sashes.
  3. You can work with contrasting colors in bright hues. Think about varying shades or purple or blue.
  4. Contemporary wedding decor includes interesting combinations of chocolates and bright shades like teal or fuchsia.
  5. Explore metallic accents to contrast with popular pastel shades.

The day of the single color event emphasis is gone, and today’s event is all about capturing a unique look through non-traditional color combinations. Whether you experiment with swatches of material or look for a color theory resource, you can really have a lot of fun in your planning.

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