Decorating Techniques for Round Banquet Tables

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Preparing for an occasion that will include the use of round tables can be challenging, but a little bit of mental math will help your in figuring out exactly what sizes of round tablecloths and skirts are needed in creating the right look.

  • Round tablecloths are easy to track down based on the diameters of the tables to be used.
  • Measure through the middle of the table from one end to the other to find the diameter, selecting tablecloths compatible with that measure.
  • After determining the sizes of the tablecloths needed, you’ll also want to find table skirts in the right lengths.
  • A simple computation can assist here as well. Multiply the table diameter by three to obtain the needed length. This will provide plenty of overlap, ensuring that the skirt surrounds the entire table.

You can combine layers of material on top of the base material to create textures and color combinations. Centerpieces should be placed in the middles of round tables, and it’s always wise to use a round piece of contrasting fabric beneath such a centerpiece in order to define the area. Placement of table favors, name cards and other decorative accents on this same background material can add to the definition of the area.


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