A Step-by-Step Guide to an Ultimate Candy Buffet

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Whether you are planning a small intimate in-home party or an upscale event, a well-designed candy buffet will definitely become the main crowd pleaser. If you don’t have dozens of candy buffets on your record, don’t fret – tuck all your worries away with this easy step-by-step instruction of how you can create a splashy candy bar in no time!

Theme & Color Scheme

Yes, setting up any candy bar begins there. Decide on what style you would prefer. Fortunately, there are so many themes out there: modern, vintage, glamorous, classic, and beyond. Will you choose to serve on an ordinary table with a plain cotton or polyester tablecloth? Or will you skip the linens for your rustic setup? Will you serve your candy on a dressing table for a nostalgic effect? Will you stick to a neutral color scheme or wow your guests with a rainbow of hues? Whichever option is to your liking, please keep in mind that theme and palette will be a starting point for designing your tablescape.

Jars & Servers Before ordering candy and deciding on decorations, choose your jars and servers. Thus, you will know how much candy you need and whether there are any empty spaces which require splashy fillers. We strongly recommend you to use clear jars so the color of your candy shows through. When it comes to candy servers, look no further than our selection of clear glass apothecary jars with removable lids – regardless of which ones you choose, a set of 9''/10''/11'', 10''/12'', or 7''/9''/10'' jars, they will flawlessly blend in with any theme and color scheme. For your designer candy, we can help you with our disposable serving trays with lovely silver edges. In the end, don’t forget about candy scoopers. We suggest ordering at least two pieces per size for the mirror effect. The number of your invitees and the size of your table will affect the quantity of the containers and trays. For example, a 6-foot table requires 4 large containers, 6 medium-sized ones, 4 small containers, and 4-6 serving trays.

Positioning & Candy Selection

With so many candy types out there, it is so easy to get lost in this variety. To make things easier, you can divide them into four categories: bulk loose candy (order as much as your jars require), individually packaged sweets, like lollipops (one per guest), designer candy, like apples with fancy coatings (one per guest), and display candy for as a filler.

Once you have all the needed candy, we strongly recommend dividing your table into three zones: the front, middle, and back ones. For your back zone, use the largest of your containers (but they shouldn’t be too tall – you guests may have a hard time trying to reach the candy, especially when the candy starts to get low. If you are looking to elevate your containers, feel free to use our gold metal cake stands with clear beads. When it comes to the middle zone, fill it with bulk candy – for a more balanced look, you can use two sets of our 9'', 10'', and 11'' apothecary jars at each side. In the front zone, put serving trays with designer and individually packaged candy.

Decorations Once you are done with the basics, add decorations to make your candy buffet look extra charming. If you are planning to cover your table with a fancy table cover to suit your theme, we strongly recommend you consider our table skirts, such as our Lamour pleated, rosette, tutu, or lace table skirt – all will ensure an unforgettable side view of your table! For your backdrop, you can use our flower walls, foil garlands, foam bricks, feather boas, or curtains (however, if you have a nice window, lovely unused wall, fanciful garden, you may skip the backdrop part). To bring your table together, think of a focal point. When it comes to dessert tables, the cake or cupcakes is an ideal centerpiece. With our immense collection of cake stands, plateau, and risers, you will easily find a perfect fit. If you are looking for something to complement your clear candy jars, you shouldn’t look any further than our tiered stands with fillable tubes, which you can fill with flowers or acrylic ice. To carry on with your glass theme, you can also complement your setup with our gemcut pillar vases topped off with our kissing balls. To finish everything off, you can decide on one of our decoration kits to suit your theme and add personalized labels, which you can order in our online store!

Have you ever set up a candy buffet, or are you going to assemble one for the first time? Please share your experience with us in the comments below!

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