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Needless to say, assembling a centerpiece is not as easy as it seems. In addition, wedding centerpieces may cost a fortune. Whether you are an established event planner or an avid party-maker who doesn’t want to fork out on a new statement detail for every single event, no worries – we’ve got you covered with a shortlist of our multi-purpose accessories, which can take your tablescape from drab to fab in many different ways!

Metal Floor Candelabra & Table Centerpiece

In case you can’t choose from pearls, crystal pendants, or precious metal, there’s no need to choose at all. This gold candelabra with pearl beads and crystal pendants is a true emblem of luxury and a good taste. Whenever you are looking to top off your table with candles, feel free to use this masterpiece as a table centerpiece – it’s ideal when used in combination with our taper or votive candles, flower balls, or LEDs. To transform it into a floor candelabra, extend its height with the help of our extension poles and couple it with other beaded goodies from our online store, including our votive candle holders, floating candle bowl, and cake stands.

Glass Globe Candle Holder

For a simplistic yet elegant display, we can suggest you our clear glass votive candle holder. Perfect for our votive or tea light candles, these darlings feature a double bottom – that’s why a candle seems to float in the air! You may use this holder as it is or fill it with flowers for a more romantic effect. The small hole in the bottom allows you to flip it over and utilize it as a bud vase for a single-stem flower. Alternatively, you can seal the hole with a stopper and fill the holder with colored sand, glitter, acrylic ice, pearls, jelly beads, or mini succulents.

Cylinder Vases

Our cylinder vases will let your imagination run wild. Ranging in size from 10 to 20 inches tall, these handblown glass vases with thick walls are perfect for home or event décor. For your modern, seasonal setup, fill these with seasonal single stems. To add more visual interest into your centerpiece, we strongly recommend you fill them with water, add petals, and float a candle. For a wintery ensemble, you may want to wrap them with fairy lights, leaving them empty, or use them as hurricane taper candle holders. To glam up your table, fill them with our acrylic ice, and LEDs, add flowers on the top, and finish everything off with our diamond rolls. In case you are into classics, you can use these as ordinary vases for your table bouquets.


For those who haven’t heard, jars are meant for more than just storing candy. Take our mason jars, of example – besides being perfect for your sweets, these darlings can also be used as lanterns. To transform them into luminaries, you may leave them as they are and just put a candle inside or get creative with acrylic paint and templates for a thematic setup.

Whenever you are planning to add a vintage feel into your table, consider our apothecary jars – made from thick glass, they are ideal for thematic centerpieces. For instance, to top off your Halloween table, you can fill these with scary figurines while our white sand in combination with other winter-inspired accessories will make these jars a perfect addition for your New Year or Christmas table. To refresh your décor, you can also fill your jars with succulents or our fake blooms.

Dual-Use Chandeliers

Is Diva your second nature? Doubt not, you’ll swoon over our collection of dual-use chandeliers. Made from top-standard materials, each chandelier features a stand, chain, and hanging hooks. This means that you can use it both as a tabletop stand and a ceiling décor. Depending on your preferences, feel free to choose from a huge variety of options. For example, you can quench your thirst for crystal strands with our 4-tier diamond chandelier or designer chandelier – both of them look perfect when coupled with our flower balls.  For your oriental theme, we can recommend you our drum shade chandelier, which will win your heart if you pair it with our paper lanterns, parasols, and folding fans.

As you can guess, these are only a few examples of what we can offer and what you can do with our products. It goes without saying that besides the multi-functional masterpieces mentioned above, you can give way to creativity with our reversible vases, cake stands, glass terrariums, long-stem holders, metallic cages, and whatever sparks your fantasy. But prior to hitting up our online store for more ideas, please share with us in the comments below which products from tableclothsfactory make you inspired!

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