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Whenever you are craving to have some serious fun at your birthday, wedding, bridal shower, or New Year party, hosting a disco style event is a clever idea. Not just that it is super-trendy, but it is also a no-brainer in terms of décor. To make things even easier, we’ve assembled a shortlist of must-have products for any disco-style event.

Disco Balls

Needless to say, the most important element of any disco party is a disco mirror ball. If you are getting ready for the traditional disco party, you should hang the balls on your ceiling so it could create a groovy atmosphere. However, since our collection of hanging mirror balls offers a variety of options, ranging in size from 2 to 24 inches in diameter, you can let your imagination run wild. For example, using one of our tall clear vases, LED ice cubes, and 8-inch mirror ball, you can assemble a centerpiece. Alternatively, you can scatter multi-sized balls all over your table to create a groovy table runner. Using our disco ball fairy lights, you can decorate your vases, tables, backdrops, and even a Christmas tree.


Another crucial part of any disco event is lighting. To augment the mesmerizing effect of your disco balls, it is highly recommended to attach two spotlights to the ceiling so that they point at the disco ball from two opposite directions. In case you do not have a mirror ball, you can easily make up for it with our rotating disco bulb or sunflower spotlight. To create an everlasting impression on your fun-craving guests, you can add a finishing touch with our LED dance floors – made from durable plastic, they will withstand multiple rounds of the Funky Chicken Dance, the Bump Dance, the YMCA, and the Bus Stop.

Self-Adhesive Tiles

Looking to assemble a stunning photo backdrop? When it comes to disco events, you shouldn’t look any further than our peel-and-stick mirror tiles. Featuring small mirror tiles, which are seamlessly attached to the flexible surface, these easy-to-install panels can reflect lights and shades no worse than a disco ball. To a assemble a disco-inspired backdrop, first up, you’ll need to cover the backdrop area with these tiles. After that, using our silver foil balloons, spell out a signage, and scatter several mirror disco balls  of different sizes.


Nothing whispers disco like foil, right? Its lustrous, glossy surface will add to all those dancing lights produced by the mirror ball and spotlights. Whenever you need to add foil into your décor, shop from TableclothsFactory. For instance, our foil fringe curtains and foil flower garlands are perfect as room dividers, backdrops, and even as tablecloths. To mimic the bedazzling allure of a disco ball, feel free to fill our transparent balloons with confetti. At the same time, you should remember that no disco backdrop is complete without a foil balloon signage. On top of that, our mirror foil fabric runners will revamp your table setup.


Like foil, sequin is the best friend of disco. To recreate that groovy vibe, you can use it everywhere, from your attire to the tabletop. For example, to make your desserts even more alluring, feel free to create this setup. To begin with, you’ll match our silver sequin curtain with a glass table. Once the curtain is installed, attach our silk cherry blossom bushes to the upper part of the backdrop. To make your desserts more prominent, you can place them on our gold and silver beaded cake stands. In the end, top everything off with a few mirror balls.

Last but not least, these are only a few basics, which no disco party event can exist without. Besides the products mentioned above, you can also use our cocktail table spandex covers in combination with our LED lights, LED shower rain tubes, various submersibles, acrylic beaded curtains, fringe chandeliers,  glitter, and the other accessories, which can produce or reflect light. Either way, in case you are planning something disco-inspired, please share your own ideas in the comments below!

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