Banquet vs Folding Chairs - How To Pick The Right Chair Covers?

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Arranging any big event calls for heavy investments as there is too much on the plate and trying to stay within budget is the biggest challenge. From giving the ambiance a fascinating décor to setting up a perfect tablescapes, every event planner strives to decorate the venue in the most perfect and elegant manner. While planning such a grand affair, seating is also one important décor element that needs to be arranged in an upscale manner for the successful execution of your party plans. Spending on new and expensive chairs is really not advisable; in fact, those old and dreary chairs can be covered with cheap yet highly durable and elegant chair covers. Yes, you heard it right, know you can give a fresh and glamorous look to your plain and lackluster chairs by dressing them up with Tableclothsfactory’s chair covers collection and indulge your guests in a royal seating experience. Chair decorations not only highlight the elegance of your event’s décor but also complement your party theme and decor. Your choice of chair covers depend upon the type of chairs you have chosen for your event. The most common type of chairs used in events are, Chiavari, banquet, or folding chairs, and figuring out, ‘how to choose the right chair cover’ that best fits the chair type might confuse some. Fret, not we have listed some guidelines to help you select the right chair cover. Read along and learn!

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How Do You Cover A Folding Chair?

Choose an upscale folding chair cover to adorn your folding chairs and give them a fresh new look. These folding chair covers are easy to handle, just slip them over and let these stain -resistant chair covers give a complete makeover to your folding chairs from head to toe and transform them into an emblem of style and sophistication. The common perception about buying chair covers is that they are very expensive, especially when there is an entire set of chairs to cover. Fret not, tableclothsfactory, offers an extensive range of wholesale cheap folding chair covers that will transform your chair decorations from drab to fab!

At our online store, you will find a beautiful range of folding chair seat covers, for example, folding polyester and satin chair covers and folding spandex fitted chair covers that are made of high-grade material that will turn those lackluster folding chairs into expensive-looking elegant seats. Our polyester folding round chair covers will perfectly style your outdoor or morning event, whereas satin folding chair covers will create a perfect celebratory mood that will leave your guests in complete awe at such a festal decoration. Spandex folding chair covers, are sleek, stretchy, and so very stylish and will make your party preparation time a breeze. Whereas, our four-way stretchable glittering back spandex folding chair covers will ooze timeless elegance to your party space. Our chic range of spandex stretch folding chair covers has a glossy finish that expands effortlessly to adjust to the size of the item you wish to drape.

Will Universal Chair Covers Fit Folding Chairs?

When you are not sure about the chair type you are dealing with and don’t have much time to search for the specific kind of chair covers that fit your chairs, universal chair covers are what you should be opting for. If your chair size is slightly larger than the standard banquet chair cover or folding chair cover, then go for universal chair covers wholesale and give your chairs a perfect finishing look. The most fascinating thing about universal chair covers is that they can be used for any type of chairs and there is no need for a sash or any other embellishment to enhance their visual appeal as they have a sufficient material to tie a chair bow at the back. At tableclothsfactory, you will find these self-tie covers for chairs at affordable prices and in a wide range of styles. With large pillowcase style chair covers that fit 99% of event chair styles, these universal chair covers will tuck all your worries away. From universal silk chair covers to polyester universal chair covers, you will find chic chair covers at our store that will fit folding chairs and will transform the look and feel of your chairs without much hassle or expense.

Do Spandex Chair Covers Fit Folding Chairs?

One of the most used cheap chair covers for folding chairs is spandex chair covers because of their many advantages. The best part about using spandex chair covers is that they have high wrinkle-resistant and crease-free quality, these folding spandex chair covers can be used time and time again, without any need for ironing. These spandex chair covers are available in both folding chairs and banquet chairs, so before ordering these chic chair covers, make sure that you know the exact style of your chair. Luckily, at our online store, you will find folding spandex fitted chair covers made of high quality stretch proof spandex material in myriads of colors and designs that are easy fit dining chair covers to withstand any rough use or tough condition. Our durable and reusable stretch glittering back spandex folding chair covers or premium spandex stretch folding chair covers will stylishly cover your folding chairs as they are designed for this specific kind of chairs.

We hope that with these guidelines in mind, choosing the right chair covers for your event décor will be easier. Keep these tips in mind while buying chair seat covers to help you narrow down your choices that will complement your event design and theme. Check out our beautiful range of cheap chair covers to get the best value for your money.

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