What Do You Put In Favor Jars For Wedding?

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Celebrating and sharing happiness with our loved ones is what multiplies our joy to magnitudes. Out of many special occasions, a wedding is one exceptional event that will remain forever special. From choosing the impressive wedding invites to picking your dream theme, preferred venue, and unique wedding favors, it’s all the little details that add a touch of class and uniqueness to your special day. Indeed, wedding favors, serve as a perfect token of gratitude to your guests for being a part of your special day and sharing the joyous moments. Choosing wedding favors as per your theme and wedding style not only adds a personalized touch to your wedding but also brings an element of fun and excitement to the occasion. Although, sending off your valued guests with party gifts has been a tradition for long but the way you pack and present the giveaways makes them more worthy and exciting for the guests to take them home.

There are endless options to save your wedding party favors, like wedding favor boxes, wedding favor bags, or decorative trays but your thoughtfully chosen wedding favors deserve to be secured rightfully and nothing would serve the purpose better than jars and containers as they not only protect your wedding favors and make exquisite decorations but also serve as a sweet reminder of your love and appreciation. If you are planning to save and showcase your wedding gifts in jars but are uncertain about what do you put in wedding favor jars to make them extra special, then keep on reading to find out about the many goodies that can be presented creatively in jars, some exceptional and favorite ideas to showcase them, and tips to pick and plan the finest wedding party favors to add a touch of luxury to your glamorous celebration.

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How Much Does The Average Person Spend On Wedding Favors?

The perfect way to make your guests feel valued and cherished is by treating them with some stunning and thoughtful take-home wedding favors and no matter what the wedding theme or style is, we always love to delight our guests with a little token of appreciation in the form of cute and attractive party favors that can make all the difference. From baked cookies to body baths, sauces to sunscreens, chocolates to key chains, everything that reflects your hearty feelings and matches your wedding theme will be a hit. Generally, couples keep a provision of $2 to $3 for each wedding favor but that’s not a fixed amount and only a rough estimate as everyone’s budget is different according to the magnitude of the wedding and the guest list. Fortunately, at Tableclothsfactory we offer some amazing yet economical deals on wedding favors that will let you delight your guests with exciting favors while staying within your budget constraints.

Enclose Good Luck And Joy In Fancy Jars

The best part about wedding party favors is that they mark a sweet ending to your special day as well as delight your valuable guests, so why not make your giveaways look presentable and impressive by simply securing them in clear glass jars. Our glass jars are guaranteed to win the hearts of your invitees as they not only add to the charm of your overall aesthetics but can also be repurposed as useful containers. If you wish to keep it all simple and minimal, then our sleek mason jars are the ideal choice for you but if you feel like going the extra mile and getting creative with your glass jars, you always have the option to beautify them with faux florals, ribbons, and stickers. Moreover, you can also add a distinctive appeal to your favor display by filling your goodies and treats in our chic candy treat containers.

How Do You Display Wedding Keepsakes?

Whether you have chosen extremely expensive favors or you have opted for budget-friendly goodies, the key to giving them an overall facelift is to give special attention to their packaging. To make your wedding favors look impressive, enclose them in our stylish favor boxes and bags and augment their visual appeal by seamlessly arranging them on our decorative trays and risers. If you wish to add a punch of dimension and design to your party gifts, you can keep them on gold and silver 3 tiered stands. However, for exclusive wedding favor packaging, you can fill your sweet treats in our clear boxes, carriage favor boxes, crown party favor boxes, champagne bottle favor holders, and candy-shaped favor boxes.

Are you bored of the traditional favors bags and boxes and hunting for some unique and appealing giveaway packaging? Keep your worries aside and flaunt your wedding favors by skipping the traditional favor boxes and filling them in our sleek favor jars to add a contemporary twist to your affairs.

Whether you’re hosting a grand wedding or exchanging vows only with your close ones in attendance, wedding favors are an essential part of every nuptial as they not only convey your gratitude towards your guests but also augment the festivity of your special celebration which is why their packaging should be given special attention. Which of our giveaway containers are your favorites? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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