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With birds and butterflies fluttering around and lush greenery and flowers thriving in the sweet summer sunshine, there is so much to love about this blissful warm season. Don’t you agree? We don’t know about you, but as this season draws to an end with fall waiting to take over anytime now, we aren’t ready to let go of the relaxed vibe, cool balmy evenings, and the backyard fun under the open sky just yet! Whether you’re hosting a special holiday party or you just need an excuse to head out the backdoor to bask in the warmth of the summer sunshine and breathe in the fresh air while you still can, nothing pays homage to an all-American summer than an exciting picnic party in your very own backyard. Although backyard parties are notorious for being simple with a laid-back and casual vibe, we believe that there is no reason you can’t spruce it up a bit to take your outdoor picnic party to a whole new level. To help you lift your backyard picnic table decor game, we have assembled a wonderful picnic table set up that features a vibrant summery color palette and chic country style accents exuding a sophisticated flair with a touch of rustic elegance. Seize the opportunity and check out the video and photos and scroll down to gather some inspirational backyard picnic table decor ideas to enjoy a lovely alfresco meal with your friends and family one last time until next year for a perfect end of summer outdoor picnic experience!


When it comes to decorating any tablescape let alone a picnic table, picking table linens is a great place to start with. Because we were looking for an easy-going but refined picnic decor, it turned out to be a good thing that we didn’t put our buffalo plaid picnic tablecloths away for another year just yet. With the lovely checkered pattern, our red and white buffalo plaid tablecloth draped over our backyard table instantly brought a joyous picnic feel to our backyard. But since we wanted to take it up a notch and make our picnic table decor a tad more sophisticated and chic, we decided to adorn two different table runners to accentuate the classy appeal of our tablescape. Our dark blue faux denim table runner which we ingeniously paired with a repurposed rustic burlap chair sash for a chic bucolic flair, beautifully accented the red and white tablecloth underneath adding a riveting contrast of color and texture. In case you’re worried about the summer breeze disturbing your linens, we suggest that you use plastic clips to secure your linens to your backyard picnic table that’ll conveniently keep them in place.

picnic table decor

Tabletop Decorations

Once the base for our picnic table was ready, it was time to glam it up with exquisite decorative accessories. Because we wanted to stylishly augment our table aesthetics, bedecking our tablescape with various unique centerpieces and decorations that’ll help evoke the countryside charm made perfect sense. While an exotic floral bouquet arranged in a vase would have been a perfect centerpiece for any other backyard set up, we decided to put a creative spin on our floral centerpiece and opted for a couple of silk floral balls for our elegant picnic table flower arrangements which worked like a charm. In terms of colors, we have selected red, navy blue, and white hued rose flower balls to match with our linens but you can also opt for only one color and add pops of small contrasting colored florets for a more sophisticated flair. To gracefully display the floral balls on our backyard picnic table, we placed our bets on our tall gold stands. Featuring a stylish splayed base and top with a crystal clear acrylic ball positioned in the center of the sleek tall stem, our gold stands looked absolutely mesmeric when we perched the plush silk rose flower balls on top which added drama and gorgeous dimension to our tablescape.

picnic table decor

Although the striking floral ball centerpieces made quite an impact, our end of summer picnic table lacked that scintillating glow. But with the winds slowly changing its course and getting brisker by the day, using candles to light up our space wasn’t a wise choice. Hence, we settled on using string lights for ambient lighting when the sun went down. Oozing a soft twinkling glow, you can see that our vintage metal lanterns filled with bunched up starry string lights which we placed on top of small inverted white wooden boxes are surely one of the highlights of our picnic party table decorations. To make the most of the scenic green surroundings before fall decided to paint the trees in red, orange, and yellow hues, we decided to zigzag lush green foliage garland and fairy string lights in the middle of our tablescape between the floral stands and lanterns to stylishly incorporate more bucolic accents in our chic country style picnic table top decor. However, if you feel that your dining table decor looks incomplete without candles, you can also place our LED candles inside the lanterns or use sleek hurricane candle holders to protect the candle flame from the wind-swift breeze.

picnic table decor

Table Settings

With linens, centerpieces, and tabletop decorations all in their places, the place settings were the only thing left to complete our picnic table decor. For the dinnerware, we decided to skip those not so sturdy paper utensils altogether in favor of our stylish disposable plastic plates and cutlery that flawlessly mimicked the charismatic appeal of real china dinnerware with the convenience of disposability making clean up after the party a cinch. To be honest, we had been waiting to use our white disposable dinner plates which feature an intricate gold lace design stamped on the outer rim of the plate ever since they arrived in our store and since this picnic table setup was all about blending in chic and rustic elements, there was no denying that these white plates with ornate gold foil rims would strike a perfect match with all the other decorations. To further enrich our elegant picnic table settings, we ended up pairing the dinner plates with our antique white and gold chargers, white-handled cutlery, and sleek stemware with gold stem and base for that ultimate refined allure. However, when it came to picking table napkins for our place settings, choosing one that perfectly complemented the denim table runner was our preference. Hence, we have topped our plates with our faux denim polyester napkins that are creatively folded to emulate a rose flower. We may seem biased, but every little detail of our picnic table settings coordinated perfectly with the entire set up imparting a gorgeous cohesive look.

picnic table decor

Additional Decorations

While our end of summer picnic table was brimming with striking decorations, the naked table chairs looked unattractive which dulled down the charm of the entire set up. Thus, we decided to dress up our chairs in navy blue colored plain spandex chair covers for a simple yet classy appeal. In order to pep things up a bit, we also suspended burlap pennant flag garlands all around our backyard space. Made from all natural jute fabric, the pennant flag garland weaved in a charming rustic elegance that elevated the outdoor picnic decor tenfold.

Moreover, if you don’t want the table and chair legs burrowing holes in your lovely grassy backyard but still want that pleasant feeling of grass underneath your feet, we recommend that you lay out our synthetic grass rugs on the floor of a roofed area in your backyard and set up your summer picnic table there to avoid any damage without missing out on the verdurous grassy aesthetics.

picnic table decor

We can’t believe how fast this summer flew by us! But this gorgeous picnic table set up with the amazing red, blue, and white color scheme combined with a hint of metallic accents and rustic flair not only showcases all the summer favorites in a unique and exciting way but also evokes a patriotic feel! Don’t you agree? What do you think about this lovely country picnic table set up? What are your plans to end summer on a high note? Let us know in the comments section below!

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