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Do you love all things twinkly? We do too! Stylishly glam up your decor with sparkly lighting accents to breathe new energy into your space. Whether you’re looking to elevate your event design or you want to brighten up your home interior design, lighting is undeniably an essential element of any decor. If you’re ready to take your lighting design to the next level, we’ve got you covered! From gleaming outdoor and flamboyant party lighting ideas to elegant home lighting ideas and more, scroll down below and discover ingenious ways to use twinkling lights in your design to illume your space with a flick of a switch!

Enticing Home Lighting Ideas

Layering different types of lights in your home stylishly enhances the interior design. If you’re not sure how to use accent lighting in your home decor, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up some elegant home lighting design ideas for each room to help you augment the visual appeal of your interior.

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Charming Bedroom Lighting Ideas

If there is one room in the house that deserves an illuminated and romantic makeover, it is the bedroom! Add a soft glow to your bedroom with these radiant bedroom wall lights ideas and infuse an ethereal flair into your space.

Turn your dreams and thoughts into words and say anything you want with our glimmering marquee letter lights. Mount them on an empty bedroom wall or arrange them on a shelf or chest of drawers to bring your hopes to life.

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Do you want to inject a personal touch into your bedroom decor? Curate a dazzling photo wall on your headboard or the wall behind your bed and hang our clips string lights, sequential string lights, or assorted starry string lights attaching some of your memorable photos to the strings to create a twinkling display. Moreover, bedeck the top of your headboard with lush greenery garland lights to accentuate your modern bedroom lighting up by several notches!

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Sophisticated Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Although ambient and task lighting are crucial for kitchen space, accent lighting helps highlight those dark and shadowy spots that do not get enough natural or artificial lighting. Accentuate your kitchen interior design and glow up your spice shelves with Led lighting to imbue an alluring flair into your cooking space. Arrange a few small warm white LED lights on each shelf along with your utensils, spices, and other kitchen essentials to create a mesmeric ombre lighting effect that is bound to make a major statement!

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Vanity & Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the brightest of them all? These stunning bathroom vanity lighting ideas! If you’re looking for some easy yet amazing and modern bathroom lighting ideas, you can never go wrong with a glowing bathroom mirror. Trace your mirror with our flexible waterproof strip lights to cast a soft luminescence around it that’ll help bring a magical radiance to the face when you look in the mirror.

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If you use your bathroom mirror as your vanity, equipping it with proper lighting makes perfect sense. Deck out your vanity mirror with several cordless light bulbs to impart a beaming radiance. These battery operated cordless lights allow you to easily switch on as many lights as you require. Plus, they are great for doing make-up!

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Scintillating Outdoor Lighting Ideas

The importance of exterior lighting is often lost when designing and decorating any event or home as the interior design tends to grab most of the attention! But a little bit of illumination in the backyard, patio, porch, or the outdoor space of the party venue goes a long way. Here are some of the best outdoor lighting ideas to create an enthralling ambiance and make the most of your enchanting outdoor space.

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Need an enticing backdrop to create a lovely photobooth for your outdoor event? Suspend outdoor hanging lights with other decorative accents to infuse a classy flair into your enchanted outdoor event decor. Hang our incandescent bulb string lights and pair them with elegant terrarium holders filled with decorative sand, crushed stones, and artificial plants for a gorgeous decor. Also, attach some artificial greenery garlands to the string lights to usher in an idyllic flair into your outdoor lighting decor!

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When it comes to creating a romantic dining space or throwing summer dinner parties, there is no better venue than a lovely back patio to set up a tablescape. Whether you want to make your weekday dinners a bit more special or you’re celebrating a milestone with your friends and family, deck out your space with our gorgeous collection of outdoor lights to light up your otherwise gloomy home exterior. Suspend our bulb string lights all over the place and use our decorative leaf garland string lights or a LED tree centerpiece to majestically glow up your dinner table. Also, spread out a couple of varying-sized lanterns with LED candles inside on the floor exuding a fascinating gleam that’ll accentuate your aesthetics tenfold.

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Gleaming Porch & Backyard Lighting Ideas

Are you in search of glowing outdoor lights to light up your backyard garden or front porch? Look no further than our cordless ball garden lights to add a soft luminescence to your backyard and porch. Scatter around the glowing balls in your backyard garden for a whimsical appeal or arrange them along the paved entrance path to guide your guests to the front door. You can also use solar lights to illuminate your home exterior when the sun goes down.

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Enchanting Balcony Lighting Ideas

If you’ve got a small balcony or a small outdoor space, we’ve got just the idea to make the even most cramped space seem absolutely magical. Wrap our bulb string lights or gold Moroccan fairy string light around the balcony railing to inject a lustrous twinkling charm into your space. However, in order to add a personal touch to your decor, use our garland with lights and opt from the wide variety of designs available on our online store to ooze a unique sparkle. Pair a lovely floral string light with a luscious foliage string light or metallic leaf string lights for a glorious allure or use geometric prism-shaped string lights to impart a modish charm, the choices are endless!

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Flamboyant Party Lighting Ideas

Throwing a dance party? Get in the groove and set the mood with color changing lights for a rocking party decor. Install our sound activated party disco ball stage light right in the center of your room to fill it up with colorful lights or transform your space into a magical starry dreamland by lighting up a color changing sky projector light lamp or use both to create the ultimate disco party scene, the choice is yours!

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As you can see, a simple addition of Led lights can make such a great difference. Combine our gleaming lighting products with your home and event decor to give a radiant visual kick to your design. Which of these lighting ideas did you love the most? Please let us know in the comments below!

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