Chic Table Setup for Your Last Minute Veterans Day Decor

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Veterans Day is a holiday of historic and patriotic significance, which gives us a chance to thank all the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, our families, and millions of other US citizens. Are you hosting a luncheon or dinner party for a veteran family member to celebrate and honor them on this special day? Or do you want to make your regular family dinner extra special and exciting to keep the patriotic spirit high? Gathering around a beautifully set table that oozes the spirit of patriotism seems like a good way to pay tribute to the military veterans! Sounds right, doesn’t it? That is why we have set up a lovely Veterans Day table to help you elevate your holiday decorations to the next level. Featuring the symbolic red, white, and blue accents, our tablescape decor is perfect for the occasion and will surely evoke the patriotic spirit all around! Check out the setup video and photos below to see our Veterans Day table decorations in detail and keep on reading to gather some inspirational last-minute decor tips for your Veterans Day celebration!

Table Linens

When it comes to setting up any tablescape, it’s wise to set things in motion by picking linens to lay the foundation for your table decor. Since we wanted to invoke a super-patriotic vibe, it was only fitting that we chose table linens that perfectly balanced out the iconic red, blue, and white hues. Thus, we decided to place our bets on our suave navy blue and white buffalo plaid tablecloth with a vibrant red table runner running down the middle to ingeniously blend in all three patriotic hues. The red solid-colored polyester runner not only paired well with the navy blue and white checkered pattern polyester tablecloth but also provided a flawless transition between the two linens. Whether you are leaning towards a posh and refined setup or you’re going for a laidback and casual ambiance, we recommend that you follow our example and pair these two linens together that are perfect for all kinds of patriotic-themed decorations!

veterans day table decorations

Chair Decoration

Once the table linens were in place, it was now time to bedeck our dining table chairs. Because we knew that naked chairs won’t sit well with this Veterans Day table setup, we decided to effortlessly dress up the chairs in our white spandex chair covers. Made from premium quality four-way stretch spandex fabric material, these stretchable chair covers were easy to slide onto the chairs while the foot pockets kept them in place not to mention the iron-free and wrinkle-free attributes that eliminated the need for ironing before use making them a super convenient option for last-minute decorations. Furthermore, in order to elevate our chair decor up a notch without breaking a sweat, we were in search of chair decor accessories that would add an exquisite flair but were quick to assemble. Thus, we haven’t looked any further than our red pre-tied bow tie chair bands to stylishly adorn the chairs. With the stretchable fit, these lustrous satin and faux leather chair bands impressively embraced the chair backs while the pre-attached rhinestone chair sash buckles added a glamorous touch to our Veterans Day table setup.

veterans day table decorations

Place Settings

As soon as the basics were done, the Veterans Day table setting was next on the agenda. Because we wanted to carry the patriotic theme throughout our table decor, we have opted for our red beaded acrylic charger plates and coupled them with red and gold design rimmed white dinner plates which stylishly offset the navy blue and white table linen underneath. We have also placed our red and gold ombre design cutlery and red-colored stem goblets alongside our plates that matched perfectly with our red Veterans Day table settings (You can also use our royal blue and gold rimmed design dinner plates and pair them with blue and silver ombre design silverware in case you’re looking for a more pronounced contrast of colors) However, when it came to picking napkins for the place settings, we couldn’t decide on any one color. So, we ended up arranging red, navy blue, and white polyester napkins on alternate place settings incorporating all three patriotic shades. To accessorize our linen napkins, we decided to add a lovely DIY floral note to our settings for an eccentric flair. Thus, instead of using napkin rings to hold the napkins, we tied a bunch of small white, navy blue, and red artificial rosebuds which have brought a gorgeous counterpoint to our place settings.

veterans day table decorations


Since there is nothing more elegant than a striking flower arrangement gracing the table, we decided to bedeck our whitewashed rectangular wooden decorative planter box with a luscious bunch of blooms to highlight our tablescape decorations. To reinforce the set color scheme, we have used a mix of red silk hydrangea flower bunches, artificial white peonies, and a few navy blue colored silk baby breath flower stems to create a lush floral arrangement for our decorative long wooden planter. In case you feel that one centerpiece won’t exude that posh appeal, you can also arrange multiple square wooden planters with floral bouquets for a more charming Veterans Day table display. Moreover, you can also add red poppy flowers to your Veterans Day centerpieces in remembrance of the fallen soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Although our floral centerpiece was truly a stunner, our tablescape lacked radiance. Thus, we have also scattered some red glittered LED flameless candles on the runner which have emanated that much needed soft glimmering glow onto the table as you can see in the setup video.

veterans day table decorations

Additional Decorations

Even though any neutral-colored wall would have been the perfect background for this vibrantly patriotic Veterans Day table, we decided to throw in a textural element into the mix to accentuate our aesthetics. Thus, we have effortlessly spruced up our wall backdrop with our peel and stick white foam brick tiles. The textured foam brick tiles with the self-adhesive backing were super easy to install and have instantly added a sophisticated appeal to our space.

In case you were looking forward to setting up your Veterans Day table in your grassy backdrop but the chilly breeze and the changing weather have forced you to take your celebration indoors, don’t give up just yet! We recommend that you follow our example and carpet your floor with synthetic grass rugs to imbue a pleasant outdoorsy vibe. Emulating the texture of its real-life counterpart, the bright green color of these grass rugs has provided a riveting counterpoint to our patriotic tablescape.

veterans day table decorations

With the lovely combination of hues and accents, this Veterans Day table setup is simple yet aesthetically pleasing. What are your thoughts about our patriotic tablescape? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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