Drift Away to the Seashore with Our Beach Theme Decor

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Who doesn’t love the sweet summertime! Be it the flamboyant display of bright colored flowers swaying in the summer breeze, spending a serene evening in the woods under the twinkling sky with friends gathered around a campfire, or staying cool by the backyard pool with a pitcher of freshly brewed iced tea by your side, summer is surely life at its best. But for us, this blissful season is all about a relaxing day at the beach listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore! Although booking a beach vacation is not really an option right now, recreating the sensational seaside ambiance is certainly a possibility. To be honest, we had been longing to spend a day at the beach after the monotonous quarantine routine, and now that summers are in full swing, we couldn’t wait any longer and assembled a lovely beach theme tablescape that teleported us right to a sandy seashore. Do you want to find more about our beach theme table decor? Scroll down to discover how exactly we managed to evoke the pleasant oceanic vibes all around and check out the video to watch an exclusive panorama of our enchanting summer beach theme tablescape!

Wall Background

When recreating any scenic ambiance for a visionary project like this coastal-inspired tablescape, setting up a striking background is a great starting point. Creating a beach themed backdrop that evokes the soothing aura of the ocean while accentuating the delicate details of the beach table decor would have been a challenge if we didn’t have the liberty of choosing the perfect drapes from the eclectic range of backdrop curtains offered on our online store. Because we were aiming to create a blend of neutral hues with pops of blues in our table setup, using a monochromatic white color for our beach themed backdrop made perfect sense. Thus, we decided to drape our long sheer white curtain panels from the ceiling to the floor for a refined appeal. Made from a lightweight fabric material, the curtain panels were easy to work with and the gathers and layers impeccably emulated the rippling sea tides covered with seafoam.

Beach theme table decor


Since we wanted our tablescape to be reminiscent of both the serene blue sea and the sandy coastline, we decided to turn our table into a canvas to paint a picturesque beach scenery. Taking inspiration from the pale hues of sand, we swathed a beige polyester tablecloth on our table for a streamlined look. To balance out the seashore colors, we put our faith in our exotic dusty blue polyester table runner, and it worked like a charm! The unique blue color was just perfect to spotlight the delicate beachy accents and created a beautiful contrast when paired with the subdued beige base linen. In case you think that your table lacks sheen, you can use a dusty blue satin table runner instead for a lustrous allure. However, we suggest that you follow our lead as using the wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric tablecloth and runner was easier to work with and gave a seamless finish to the beach theme tablescape.

Beach theme table decor

Table Centerpieces

Once the linens were in place, it was time to elevate the theme decorations up a notch with some showstopper centerpieces. Since we had two different beach theme centerpiece ideas in mind and we couldn’t decide on any one centerpiece, we ended up displaying multiple centerpieces that further augmented the serenity of our beach theme tablescape. To add an idyllic touch to the tablescape, we relied on some gorgeous artificial white flowers and displayed them in our tapered neck glass flower jar which featured a rustic twine wrapped around it in fishnet style weaving a lovely coastal charm into our exotic set up.

Beach theme table decor

As any dining table decor is incomplete without some fluttering candles gracing the table, we used a couple of flickering ivory LED candles to exude the much-needed glow and radiance. However, to boost their impact, we placed the candles on round mirrors decorated with white decorative sand and several natural seashells that were already positioned on either side of the floral centerpiece for an elegant beachy vibe.

Beach theme table decor

Assorted Table Decorations

Because we were looking to recreate the experience of walking by the shoreline, we decided to embellish the table runner with a beautiful assortment of collected finds from nature. Since seashells are ocean treasure and pearls are nature’s jewels, we didn’t shy away from arranging several of them all over our runner for a stunning beach table decor. While most of them were strewn around chaotically for a natural vibe, some of the faux ivory pearls and seashells were arranged in cute little white seashell-shaped boxes that were half-filled with white sand. The addition of these beachy accents along with a few beach themed candles exuding warmth and flair is what tied everything together beautifully.

Beach theme table decor

Table Settings

As soon as we were satisfied with the central table decor, we moved on to the table settings. In order to keep the beach theme going, there was no need to scour the lot as our enchanting white reef chargers met the brief perfectly. The exquisite rugged design and lovely white color contrasted beautifully with the dusty blue table runner emulating the rolling surf breaking on the reef. Furthermore, our white plates with silver checkered rim and white-handled silverware elegantly complemented the entire setup. To top it off, our dusty blue napkins held together with spiral napkin rings ushered in a sophisticated charm.

Beach theme table decor

Chair Decoration

With the tablescape brimming with ocean-inspired decorations, it was only fitting that the dining chairs matched with the beach theme. So without thinking twice, we swapped our dining table chairs with stone-hued chairs to carry on with the natural color scheme. We chose not to use any accessories to avoid going overboard with decorations and tied perfect little bows using our dusty blue chair sashes to elegantly bedeck the chair backs, as seen in the video. However, if you want you can hang pearl strings and use pearl sash pins to secure the bow in its place for an exquisite beach themed decor.

Beach theme table decor

Well, that’s all it takes to create a stunning beach theme dining experience. Just stick to the awe-inspiring neutral color palette with pops of blue hues and you’ll be transported right to a sandy seashore. What do you think about this enchanting beach theme table decor? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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