Backyard BBQ Party Ideas During Quarantine!

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Summer –the beautiful time of the year is here, when everything seems to come to life and thrive. Nothing says summer like a sizzling BBQ party and with the warmest season around, now is the best time to usher in the fun and cheerful summer charm by hosting a fun-filled backyard BBQ party. Embrace the blissful summer season by incorporating natural elements and turn your patio and backyards into an emblem of fun and festivity. Since you are spending most of your time home staying safe and practicing social distancing, why not make the best of this time partying and celebrating the seasonal bounties with your close family members and loved ones. To lift up your celebratory mood, we have pulled together some safe BBQ party ideas to get you entertained in this era of Covid-19. Read on to get your creative juices flowing and give a revitalizing look to your backyard this summer by throwing a safe summer BBQ party.

A Breezy Summer Setup!

Nothing can surpass the beauty of summer season, with the cheerful chirping birds flying around and the mesmeric colors of nature scattered around, the whole world turns into a beautiful canvas during this time of bliss and bloom. Take full advantage of this delightful season and enjoy your alfresco meal time by planning a perfect outdoor BBQ party. A summer BBQ party is a perfect excuse to spend that quality time with friends and family during this period of social distancing. With so much of staying indoors a backyard BBQ party is always a fabulous way to get connected with your loved ones and share the delicious meals. Keeping the six feet rule of staying apart, plan a much safer summer BBQ party this summer and beat the heat with some lip smacking grilled food and icy beverages. Give a breezy start to your backyard BBQ party by laying down our checkered tablecloth on the lush green grass and exude a refreshing vibe all around your space.

BBQ Party

Summer is back on stage and with all the cheerful colors around, decorating for a summer BBQ party becomes an easy task. The best thing about an outdoor BBQ party is that you don’t have to set a backdrop, as the garden foliage serves that purpose well. Emulate the splendor of the blossoming summer season into your backyard BBQ party by incorporating blooms. Choose fresh-cut flowers or our realistic-looking faux floral to add that majestic floral flair into your BBQ party decorations and ingeniously highlight the overall look of your summer BBQ party. Create a cascading bunch of our red & white rose buds and craft beautiful bouquets to enhance the seasonal beauty of your BBQ party. Make a lovely impression on your guests by presenting personalized summer baskets to them filled with some summer beverages and goodies. Cover them up with black/white checkered table napkin and set the bouquets on a side to make a stylish statement at your super cool summer BBQ party.

BBQ Party

An Informal Welcome!

A summer BBQ party on a bright sunny day is like a dream, so why not make it a reality! BBQ parties are the perfect opportunity to feel the freshness in the air. Lovely weather, good food and the best of the people are the perfect ingredients to create a summer BBQ party ambiance. To make it the most memorable one, try making it informal and homely so that everyone experience the most relaxing time. Get your lounge cushions, rugs, patio chairs and outdoor furniture out and fill the atmosphere with these lovely features and enhance the warmth and coziness of your BBQ party. Keeping all the natural elements in mind, surround yourself with soft and subtle hues and a few of more vibrant ones to balance, and liven up the summer sensation with cheerfulness. A warm welcoming note on our wooden chalk board will instantly add that pleasant feeling that your backyard BBQ party demands. Add festive flair by further setting up our metal lanterns painted in white and exude warm scintillating aura all around your backyard BBQ party.

BBQ Party

Hot Sizzling Grill!

No BBQ party is complete without some hot sizzling grill food, the aroma of the smoky steaks, grilled corns and vegetables adds instant magic into a backyard BBQ party feast. So, roll up your sleeves and serve some mouth-watering grilled items, salads and appetizers to your guests by using our bamboo skewers. Let everyone feel the liberty to pick their favorite portion of the meal in the handiest way, as these picks serve the purpose of disposability and convenience.

BBQ Party

BBQ Party Cocktails!

Can you think of any party without beverages? No not at all! So, this summer serve your guests with some refreshing and colorful fruity drinks that will make your summer BBQ party the coolest party of the season. Revitalize your guests instantly by quenching their thirst with some homemade cocktails for BBQ party and serve them with our party cups and paper straws to add pleasure with comfort. Run your creativity wild and make lovely match of these cocktails, mocktails, punch or other summer beverages with your grilled food and ooze a festive vibe into your summer BBQ party menu with such a remarkable presentation. For the fruit lovers make special display by filling our mason jars with the seasonal fruits and rehydrate them with these energizing and rich summer drinks. This overall display of seasonal delights will ingeniously add that coolness that is required for hosting a summer BBQ party.

BBQ Party

A Cool & Comfy BBQ Table Decor!

For an outdoor BBQ party setup you don’t need to get your hands on a lot of party decor as the surrounding itself sets the tone with its natural elements. To uplift the impact of your BBQ party, a stunning table decor is what you need the most. Since it’s a BBQ party where people will not just be sitting at one place to enjoy their food but rather roaming around, so make the settings super comfy and perk things up at your backyard BBQ party with some nice table decor. Set small party tables other than the main dine in ones, so that everyone gets the chance to chit chat and enjoy the beautiful nature outside. Charmingly flaunt our red/white checkered tablecloth atop your party tables and enhance its beauty further by placing metal lanterns over it to exude a shining and fanciful display. This modern display of class and comfort will definitely add that sparkling flair into your summer BBQ party taking it up by several notches.

BBQ Party

This age of social distancing has prompted people to look for safe ways to get connected with their closed ones no matter what the occasion is. With intimate gatherings, hosting any party can be a pleasant experience and for that a BBQ party is surely a perfect shot. Embrace your seating arrangement with utmost comfort by making everyone sit on the ground and feel its coolness. With an outdoor BBQ party setup, highlight the ambiance with lighting, table decor and centerpieces. Swathe your dinner table with disposable tablecloth and create a perfect outdoor feast look. Next, for place settings pick our disposable clear round plates and gracefully place them atop our teal polyester table napkins. Our silver cutlery set & cocktail disposable glasses will help you present your sizzling BBQ food hot off the grill on this festive BBQ party table in the most scrumptious way. Turn your BBQ party feast into an enchanting affair by making everything look super classy and sophisticated.

BBQ Party

BBQ Party Fun Activities!

The beauty of the summer season is in the outdoors and those who know how to perfectly catch that essence are the ones who live life to the full. So, grab and dust off your patio furniture and picnic tables from the garage and fire up the grill to create a smoky ambiance. A summer BBQ party calls for lovely friends, family, delicious food, outdoor games, and memories, so set up an ambiance worth remembering with a movie night out at your backyard. The perfect way to end a summer BBQ party is to have an outdoor movie night, where you can get cozy and enjoy the last hours of your perfect BBQ party. Create a star-studded ambiance by making striking arrangements and set the screen along with movie night snack bar, a grill stand for some fresh sizzling hotdogs and corns and get into the roller coaster ride of fun and entertainment. Light up the ambiance with lanterns and string lights and create endless memories to cherish for life time.

BBQ Party


The bright sunny days are calling you to come out under the clear blue sky and enjoy the beauty of this lively season. Fire up your grills, pour a round of drinks, set your party tables and get the grill tools out! Turn on the music and get ready to rock the perfect summer BBQ party of the season. We hope that the BBQ party ideas that we have listed will help you set an enthralling ambiance for your backyard BBQ party and will entertain everyone around regardless of being quarantined!

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