Everything You Need to Make a Tantalizing Bubbly Bar

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Are you not that person who would turn their nose up at a glass of champagne? If you are hosting a NYE party, ringing in the new year with a fully stocked champagne bar would be a perfect idea. While you might have already stocked up on champagne, mixers, garnishes, and a stylish bucket for ice, from our side, we are happy to provide you with everything you need to make your pop fizz clink station a hit of the expiring year!

Flutes, Napkins & Straws

Let’s face it: your bubbly soiree is impossible without glasses and flutes. Yes, it’s up to you to choose where to pour your champagne into. But in our opinion, your bar will be more enticing if you mix and match different glasses and flutes. To this end, feel free to combine our newly arrived crystal cut plastic glassesglittered flutes, flared glasses, and clear cocktail cups. To step up your entire bubbly game and to accommodate your guests, don’t neglect our gold striped paper straws and gold chevron ply paper napkins


Of course, it will be more than just a bubbly! If you are going to lavish your guests with the best Mimosa ad Barbotage in the neighborhood, you can’t do without a decent shaker with stirrers. Made from hard plastic to mimic real glass, our hard plastic cocktail shaker with eight clear stirrers, a shot glass cap, and a strainer will streamline your beverage-making process and bring a contemporary twist into your celebration, making it unforgettable!


Even if you are going to invite a crowd, for some god-awful reason, you might not finish a bottle of champagne. A high-quality champagne stopper will prevent those precious bubbles from waving you goodbye. That’s where our wine stopper comes into play – available in gold, rose gold, and silver, it features a metal heart, which is lovely and functional at the same time, and the rubber rings to let limited oxygen into the bottle. Sold in a trendy velvet box along with a bottle opener, it can also serve as a perfect keepsake.

Servers, Trays & Risers

No bubbly bar is complete without garnishes, like fresh herbs, fruit, sorbet, sugar cubes, and decorative ice cubes with berries and herbs inside. In our collection of dessert containers & servings, you can find plenty of options to cater to your needs. At the same time, our disposable trays with scalloped rim will take your presentation to a whole new level. On top of that, our acrylic risers will allow you to save some space and add some volume and dimension into your display.  


Since it still goes about a winter bubbly bar, peppering some glitter into your setup will never hurt. Sky is your limit in this respect, but it is recommended to stick to gold, silver, or champagne. Thus, you can drape your table with our champagne sequin rectangle tablecloth, use our metallic shiny backdrop for a perfect background, or jazz things up with our foil fringe curtains.  Either way, our disco mirror balls will infuse your space with a festive spirit – you can hang them to complement your backdrop or use as a centerpiece for your tabletop. 

More Bubbles!

Nothing can reflect your bubbly theme better than bubbles! Tableclothsfactory offers several ways of how you can fill your space with these buddies of a good mood. In our opinion, the easiest way to make a “bubble” splash is to decorate with our gold, white, black, and clear latex balloons – for example, you can adorn your backdrop with multi-sized balloons and combine them with our set of champagne bottle and-goblet foil balloons. To go along with our balloons and to create a special NYE atmosphere, don’t hesitate to line your table with our globe string lights. Our globe terrariums will remind about bubbles floating in the air. 

Champagne Bottle Bubbles

It doesn’t matter which decorations you pick and which cocktails you are going to serve, your guests will swoon over these lovely champagne bottle bubbles! Designed to mimic classic green bottles of champagne, these will definitely become a hit. Prefilled with non-toxic bubbly fluid, they are ready to fill the air with happiness. Feel free to utilize them as a fun element for your tabletop, as a keepsake, or as a laughter-trigger.

Are you planning to surprise everyone with a bubbly station this year? Please let us know in the comments below!

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