Garland as the Easiest Way to Refresh Your Wedding Reception Hall

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Back in the day, garlands were used across the globe to symbolize purity, peace, passion, love, and beauty. Though their initial meaning has been lost, adding flowers and leaves, delicately strung into a garland, will highlight the importance of any occasion, even a wedding. Have no idea how you can get creative with these festive chains? In this article, we’ve rounded up top 6 applications of a garland.

Wrap Around Chairs

If you are looking to add a little extra into your décor, consider wrapping a flower or leaf garland around your chairs. To make it a meaningful gesture, string a leaf chain to connect the bride’s and groom’s chairs to symbolize their union. Meanwhile, the cascading beauty of our curly willow chiffon sashes will augment the visual appeal of your garland. When choosing a sash, please take into consideration that our dusty rose curly willow chiffon sash will look perfect in combination with our frosted green garland or frosted green artificial eucalyptus sprays while our pink sash will work well with our dark light green artificial leaf garland.

Add to Centerpieces

If you can’t imagine a celebratory table without a floral centerpiece, there’s no need to suppress this craving. Those who are looking for a decent alternative to a traditional centerpiece bouquet can get creative with our wisteria vines. Being only four feet long, they look adorable when hung from vases. To recreate the centerpiece in the picture below, we suggest you fill our 29-inch reversible metal vases with pink peonies and finish them off with our wisteria vines.

Showcase Your Cake

It’s an open secret that the cake is the second star of a wedding reception. Believe it or not, a flower garland will make it more prominent. For a cohesive look, use a garland that matches the décor on your wedding cake. For example, our blush silk hydrangea artificial flower garland will take your minimalist cake with white frosting to the new level. Whichever garland is to your heart consent, it’s highly recommended to place it around a cake and then, around a table, and allow some areas to drape.

Combine with Curtains

It goes without saying that flower and leaf garlands are perfect for decorating draperies. Thus, to tie back your wedding curtains, you can use one of our garlands instead of traditional curtain ascots. Alternatively, you can place a couple of bloomy strands over curtain rods. Our dual-layer curtains seems to be made for those big moments when the entire world is watching your triumph.  

Make a Runner

In case your tabletop needs a statement piece, you can arrange a table runner with the help of a garland. Luckily, there are plenty of plant table runner ideas – for example, you can go minimalist and embellish your tabletop with a thin string of ivy leaves or end up with the perfect amount of drama by arranging a lush garland of dahlias, open roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. Unlike traditional centerpieces, such garlands have a low profile, meaning that they will allow your guests to interact with each other across the table.

DIY Garland Backdrop

Do you have no idea of which garland to choose? There’s no need to choose – tie your favorite vines to a wooden stick (branch, clothesline), and your minimalist backdrop is ready. For example, you can combine our white baby breath garland, frosted green artificial leaf garland, and white rose chain within one ensemble.   

These are only a few ideas of how you can utilize our garlands to show you that there is no wrong way to decorate with them. Besides the applications mentioned above, you can wrap our garlands around columns, combine them with ribbons and fairy lights, use them to line an aisle, or tie them to helium balloons. No matter how far from ordinary your ideas are, never hesitate to drop by our online store.

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