Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Tablecloths: Part 1

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Looking for something to impress people with over the dinner table or a few handy facts to write out and share on the dinner table to break the tension? We’re giving you a heaping helping of tablecloths inspired conversation starters, and a second serving next week!

  1. Tablecloths came in single serving sizes originally. The Ancient Romans didn’t want to cover up the exquisite table artwork, so they had individual tablecloths for each person, so you enjoyed both a tablecloth and the table you were eating off of! Do you want your own tablecloth?
  2. Historians can’t tell exactly which tablecloths are actually tablecloths and which are altar cloths in many cases. That historians even care is pretty cool! Would you care if you have a tablecloth so gorgeous it was mistaken for an alter cloth?
  3. The crisp white tablecloth ideal that we all want so much today is very likely inspired by the very white tablecloths of medieval times. Even though there were no dishwashers to make them clean, can you imagine the work to make them white?
  4. Medieval tablecloths were also well known for the ornate embroidery, intricately stitched borders, and other designs that made for beautiful tablecloths. Are you a fan of intricate embroidery?
  5. Tablecloths aren’t for the common folk. At least, until the 14th century you wouldn’t see peasants using them. It was hard wood tables for their wedding receptions – can you imagine?

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