How Can I Decorate For The 7 Days Of Valentine?

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Valentine's Day is a universal celebration of love, accompanied by symbols and rituals that signify the deep connection between lovers. In recent years, Valentine's Day has become increasingly popular - with decorations, adorning homes has become a symbol of affection for that special someone. Embellishing our living spaces not only adds vibrancy and elegance but also conveys appreciation for those we cherish most. Valentine's Day decorations are a fantastic way to share messages of love and spread delight for all who become involved. From balloons, paper hearts, or garlands of cloth - each decoration is its own special symbol that will remain treasured year after year. To make this Valentines extra memorable, here are seven ideas on how to decorate the entire week with your beloved one!

How To Decorate For The 7 Days Of Valentine?

Valentine’s Day Decorations Ideas

Rose Petal Trail

Transform any bedroom into a romantic oasis with an enchanting rose petal trail. From the door to the bed, or another special destination, lay down a path of blossoms that will leave your partner breathless! Whether you opt for real roses or artificial rose petals is up to you—but either way they'll stay in place longer than fresh flowers ever could. Be creative and make sure it's a surprise—it'll be worth it!

Heart Garland

Transform your living area into a spectacular wonderland of love by creating a vibrant garland out of paper or foil hearts. Select any hue, but consider classic red, pink, and white to capture the essence of romance. Enhance it further with some glimmering glitter, shimmery sparkles, flimsy ribbons, and sparkling beads for an extra special effect that will surely captivate all who lay their eyes on it!


Transform your living space into a romantic oasis this Valentine's Day with the enchanting glow and fragrant aroma of scented candles. Place them on shelves, mantels or tables for an ambiance that will bring out the romance in every corner of your home! Not only do they provide beautiful lighting, but also add to the mood with their delightful smell.

Red Balloons

Transform your home into an enchanting Valentine's Day haven with beautiful, helium-filled red balloons! Suspend them from the ceilings and furniture pieces to give each space a cheerful ambiance. These vibrant red balloon decorations will be sure to make you -- as well as any visitors -- feel the joyous spirit of this special season!

Love Bug Door Hangers

Make your beloved feel special this Valentine's Day by decorating the entrance to their bedroom with sweet love bug door hangers! Whether you choose from a variety of these dainty creations, such as butterflies and ladybugs, or decide to grab ready-made ones at craft stores or online - it will definitely brighten each day of the seven days leading up to this romantic holiday.


Streamers can be a fantastic way of sprucing up any room with personality and vibrancy! Drape vibrant streamers around windowsills or across ceilings to bring forth an energetic ambiance during this celebratory time. You have the option between traditional paper ones in shades of pink and red, as well as more shimmery metallic varieties for that extra bit of glitz!

Heart Shaped Lights

To add to your day-by-day decorating plan, incorporate some heart-shaped candles or string lights into each room! This is a great way to spruce up the atmosphere for everyone in the house—especially if you have kids since they will be delighted with all of these lovely floating hearts when settling down for bedtime. It'll help them get excited about their upcoming Valentine's Day festivities and sweet dreams are sure to follow!

7 Days Of Valentine

Make the most of Valentine's Day by adorning your home with romantic and entertaining decorations! Each day presents another opportunity to show your love, appreciation, and devotion towards one another. From simple everyday accents to more elaborate endeavors - there are plenty of unique ways for you to express yourself through decoration. Let’s take a look at these ideas to decorate for 7 Days of Valentine:

Rose Day (February 7th)

Rose Day is the initial and most powerful of these seven days, as it allows us to express our admiration for those we love. On Rose Day, couples exchange roses to signify their feelings - from yellow (friendship) to pink (gratitude) and red (passion), each color reflects a special sentiment. Moreover, this kind gesture can be accompanied by an emotion-filled card or poem conveying your heartfelt emotions clearly.

Propose Day (February 8th)

Propose Day is the ideal opportunity to go down on one knee and ask your significant other for their hand in marriage! If you don't feel ready, why not surprise them with a luxurious present or an intimate dinner date? No matter what you choose, it's sure to make this special day even more memorable.

Chocolate Day (February 9th)

Nothing exudes affection quite like a heart-shaped box of chocolates! You don't even have to leave your house - you can purchase boxes from any local chocolate shop or create scrumptious treats with love in your own kitchen. Your sweetheart will be sure to beam when they receive this expression of gratitude, and it's guaranteed to bring the two of you closer together.

Teddy Day (February 10th)

A teddy bear is an iconic representation of tenderness and friendship - present one to your special someone as a reminder that you will never leave their side no matter what life throws at them.

Promise Day (February 11th)

Today is the perfect occasion to take a moment of reflection, recommit yourselves to each other anew, and make plans for what lies ahead. Promise Day gives an opportunity to reaffirm your dedication and devotion towards one another with heartfelt promises of unconditional love and unwavering support throughout your relationship.

Hug Day (February 12th)

If you're looking for the perfect way to express your love, nothing speaks louder than a warm embrace. Show that special someone how much they mean to you on Hug Day with lots of hugs and cuddles throughout the day—and don't forget some gentle kisses too! When it comes to showing affection, nothing says "I love you" more clearly or profoundly than physical touch.

Kiss Day (February 13th)

This day is all about expressing your feelings for each other through passionate kisses. No matter if you're out in public or alone, lavish each other with caresses to show them how much they mean to you without having to utter a single word!

With endless possibilities for expressing your affection via decorating--this year is going to be one full of romance and appreciation! When selecting decorations for your Valentine's Day celebration, make sure to put in the extra effort and thought because even small details can create an extraordinary atmosphere. Start planning those special decorations today and have a fabulous day! If you have some other ideas please do share with us in the comment box below!

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