When To Start Decorating For Valentine's Day?

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Whether you’re one of those hopeless romantics who just need an excuse to get all mushy or you’re looking for ways to beat the post-Christmas blues, decking up your space with over-the-top red and pink decorations for Valentine's Day is the perfect way to welcome the festive season of love. But between stripping down the holiday ornaments and putting up winter decorations, you might be wondering when should you start decorating for Valentine's Day? Well, regardless of what everyone says, we think it’s never too early to fill your space with lovely hearts, flowers, and other cute Valentine's Day crafts. After all, every day till the holiday and beyond should be a celebration of love! And since January is notorious for being dark and gloomy, a couple of weeks into the month is the perfect time to gear up and get crafting for the upcoming day of love.

In case you have planned an intimate dinner date with your special Valentine for the most romantic holiday of the year or you’re hosting an exciting Valentine's Day party to tell all your loved ones just how special they are to you, you’ll need decorations and crafts to get in the festive spirit. Thus, we’ve rounded up some easy Valentine's Day craft ideas ahead to help you cast the magic of love all around you without draining yourself out before the holiday!

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Perky Balloon Decoration

When it comes to decorating your space for any celebration, balloons are one of the essential decor supplies that help augment the festive charm. And because there is no greater celebration of love than Valentine's Day, an extravagant balloon display can add the perfect amount of joy and visual appeal to your setup. We at Tableclothsfactory offer an impressive selection of balloon arch stands, pillar stand kits, and accessories along with a variety of balloons in different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials to help you invoke a whimsical flair with ease. So, this year, get creative and pair balloons that go well with the theme to impress your loved ones and make the day memorable.

Enchanting Valentine's Day Wreath Decor

Kicking off your Valentine's Day decorations by crafting a stunning floral wreath makes perfect sense since it is the first thing your valentine will notice. Welcome your beloved into your home and heart by adorning the door with a beautiful heart-shaped wreath completely bedecked with gorgeous red and pink artificial flowers and feathers to let the world witness your loving spirit. In case you’re not a fan of garish and kitschy decorations, create a subtle and sophisticated wreath using a rose gold metal hoop, pink and cream-colored flower heads, and a bunch of frosted greenery stems for a low-key yet elegant Valentine's Day front door decor that’ll speak volumes about your love without veering on cheesy!

Enchanting Flower Arrangements

There is no doubt that flowers are the ultimate symbol of love and romance, thus adding them to your Valentine's Day decorations can help ignite the needed spark.  You can create extravagant Valentine’s Day flower arrangements for your tables using our awesome range of artificial silk flowers and faux foliage to make them last the entire season or opt for real blooms to infuse an enchanting scent into your space. However, if you’re looking to add extra oomph to your decor, we suggest you bedeck your walls with our beautiful flower wall panels and garlands or craft a floral wall hanging using some pretty red roses, strings, and a tree branch. Tie a string around each rose stem and suspend it from the wooden branch in varying heights for added allure. Hang the branch on the wall and scatter some red silk rose petals on the floor beneath to make a whimsical decor statement.

Regardless of the scale of your Valentine's Day celebration, these enticing decor ideas will surely impress the one who holds your heart. So, when are you going to start decorating for the most romantic holiday of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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