How Do You Attach Flowers To Aisle Chairs?

One of the most unforgettable moment for any bride is her long-awaited walk down the aisle, where she makes a grand entry in her beautiful wedding gown. To make this walk a one to remember, create some breathtaking floral aisle decorations for outdoor wedding by inspiring attractive colors and textures and elevate the visual appeal of your wedding venue. Whether it’s about decorating the aisle runner or the surroundings, adding flowers in your outdoor wedding aisle decor will instantly create a cohesive feel. Aisle chairs are also an important decorative element in a wedding, so while planning your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding, adorn them with lovely flower arrangement and create a truly magnificent allure. Beautifully decorated aisle chairs not only enhance the adorability of your outdoor wedding venue but also give your guests an extra ordinary seating experience. To create one such beauty, keep reading as we are sharing some tips on, ‘How do you attach flowers to aisle chairs’ to make them look unique and stylish.

aisle decorations for outdoor wedding

Should complement with the wedding theme!

A wedding venue decked up with lovely decorations all in the same wedding color scheme will make it look more appealing and eye-catching. Since aisle decorations for outdoor wedding is the most highlighted part of the venue, so while adorning your aisle chairs make sure that they complement with the rest of the wedding theme. If your wedding color theme is soft and pastel one, then we recommend dressing your aisle chairs with classy chair sashes. Make a style statement by styling them in horizontal or vertical position and to give a firm support make sure to tie them from the end so that your guests could enjoy their seating experience without any inconvenience. For aisle decorations for outdoor wedding that has a rustic theme, opting for burlap & lace can be a great idea to add that instant bucolic flair.


Selection of Floral & Greenery!

Flower arrangement is one of the most beautiful part of any wedding decor as they instantly enhance the overall look and feel of the event. If you want to make some impressive outdoor wedding aisle decor, then make sure that you create some amazing floral arrangements that match with the overall theme of the wedding as well. For instance, if you want to add a design element into your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding, create a lovely bunch of white florals. Using soft peach and pastel pink shades can also bring more romance and softness into your ambiance, couple them with greenery garland with olives, palm leaves or eucalyptus leaves with white natural balls and turn your wedding decor into a floral paradise.


How to attach the flowers!

Since the guests will be spending most of the time on the chairs so make sure that when you style your wedding aisle chairs with flowers they stay at their place. The common practice of attaching the flowers on aisle chairs is through special clips, but in many cases, they restrict your floral decorations to the back of the chairs. To keep them in their shape and style throughout the ceremony, we suggest using ribbons as it will widen your choices of adoring these lovely blooms, especially for the aisle chairs that are not wrapped with fabric. Elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor wedding venue by opting for satin or chiffon ribbons, but you can pick any other material of your choice from our extensive collection of ribbons to give your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding an amazing look and feel. These ribbons along with our craft tools will help you attach single stems, flower bouquets or flower garlands in a matter of minutes and will keep them in their shape all day long.


As you can see, attaching flowers to aisle chairs is not such a big deal, with a little creativity and sensibility you can create an amazing floral swag and give your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding an upscale feel. So, how did you find our blog post? Was it inspiring enough to let you create your kind of aisle chairs decorations? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!


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