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It goes without saying that many of us are excited a bit more than usual for the holidays this year. With things going back to normal after a tough couple of years, this holiday season calls for some of the biggest celebrations ever. So, if you’re on the hunt for Christmas decorations that are in line with the overwhelming festive spirit, consider yourself lucky because we’ve got the scoop on what is trending for Christmas? This year, Christmas is going to be all about creating a joyful and uplifting space that inspires feelings of hope, happiness, warmth, and togetherness. Thus, it is time to revive your favorite Christmas traditions and put on a festive display throughout your home. From whipping up DIY crafts and hoarding nature-inspired decorations to adding a posh twist to the classic Christmas color scheme, there are some awesome decorating trends on the rise for Christmas 2021. So, just keep on reading and gather inspiration from the trendy Christmas decorating ideas that are going to be huge this year!

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Get Creative With DIY Crafts

Holidays are a time to gather and spend quality time with your loved ones. And since the past couple of Christmas celebrations lacked that very essence, there will be a much greater emphasis on activities that bring families together this year. Thus, creating DIY Christmas decorations with your friends and family is a good way to jump-start your holiday preparations. We suggest you check out our impressive range of crafting supplies to bring your creative Christmas decoration ideas to life imbuing a truly festive and nostalgic feel into your space.

Try Out A Unique Color Scheme

When it comes to choosing colors for your Christmas decorations, bright red, green, and gold are the traditional colors that never go out of fashion but this year you can expect a little play on the classics. Pairing rich shades of the traditional Christmas colors such as burgundy and hunter green with a dash of gold will surely impart a dramatic yet sophisticated allure to your holiday decorations. You can hang hunter green velvet curtains on your windows using gold curtain rods and outfit the couch cushions with burgundy & gold satin foil pattern cushion covers while decorating the mantelshelf and coffee table with gold candles and gold metal candle holders or lanterns for festive yet posh indoor Christmas decorations.

However, nature-themed colors are also in focus for Christmas as people want to showcase their renewed sense of appreciation for nature. Soft and earthy tones such as taupe, ivory, and other natural tones are expected to make headlines in the upcoming holiday season. Opting for neutral-colored linens to dress up your dining table and adorning it with sylvan accents like wooden candle holders, wood slices, wooden textured chargers, and wood planter boxes filled with frosted foliage stems will impart a cozy vibe to your space.

Go Full-On Botanical

Nature is one of the biggest running themes for Christmas this year. Hence, it is time to break out those lush evergreen garlands and craft lovely greenery wreaths using moss and vines for trendy Christmas decorations. Entwine gorgeous leafy garlands with string lights and add pops of dried fruits and faux flower stems to create a personalized garland for your indoor and outdoor holiday home decor or bedeck a grapevine twig wreath with fake succulents, pine cones, white blooms, and pearl stems to add a special touch of unexpected magic to your Christmas wreath decorations.

Add A Spindly Twist To Your Christmas Tree

While the traditional Fir tree with elaborate lighting and bauble decorations isn’t going to lose its popularity anytime soon, the spindly Manzanita trees and LED twig trees are a modern take on the classic Christmas tree that will continue to make waves this year too. The sleek, bare branches with warm lighting emanate an undeniably festive feel without overwhelming the decor. You can even expect to see multiple Christmas trees in homes this season for added grandeur and cheer. 

This year’s Christmas is no doubt a bit extra special so we don’t blame you if you want your Christmas decorations to look more festive and charming than ever. How are you going to decorate your space for the ultimate holiday of the season? Please share your ideas and inspirations in the comments section below! Merry Christmas!

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