How To Decorate Christmas Trees Like Professionals?

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Have you been eyeing up that gorgeous Christmas tree in the department store window and want to recreate something similar this year to elevate your Christmas decorations up a notch? Decorating a tree sounds simple, but in reality, it’s easier said than done. There is a lot more to it than just randomly hanging some shimmering ornaments and twinkling lights on the tree branches. No matter how big or small your Christmas tree is styling it requires a little planning and an organized approach to dress up your tree like a pro. Thus, we’ve put together some amazing tips and tricks on how do professionals decorate Christmas trees to help you create your own magical and festive display!

Christmas tree decorations

Decide On A Theme

A professional-looking tree has a cohesive look that ties all the Christmas decorations together. Designing a tree around a theme and choosing your decorations accordingly sets the tone and gives you a clear direction on how to decorate your tree. Thus, selecting a theme before you sort out the embellishments and incorporating it in all the different elements of your holiday decorations can help you master the art of skillfully decorating a Christmas tree. Though red and green are the classic colors for the holiday season, you can turn things around and opt for a unique color scheme or a whimsical theme to add a magical look to your festive tree decorations. We suggest you check out our impressive collection of decor supplies and choose ones that’ll help reinforce your theme perfectly.

Start Your Decorations With Lights

There is no doubt that Christmas decorations are incomplete without twinkling Christmas lights but contrary to common belief, professional Christmas decorators suggest kicking off the tree decorations with hanging string lights to add an even look to the tree. Start at the base of the tree and wrap the trunk with your chosen fairy lights, weaving them all the way up to the crown and then back down to bedazzle the outer ends of the branches for a gorgeous-looking Christmas tree

Pile On The Garlands & Ribbons

Filling up a sparse tree with lush greenery garlands and decorative ribbons is a great way to elevate your tree’s aesthetics to the next level. Although both non-wired and wired ribbons and garlands can be used to dress up your tree, we suggest you pick ones with a wired center or edges, as they are not only easier to sculpt into loops but also hold their shape better than the non-wired ones. Opt for one type or style of vine and ribbon to keep it cohesive or use a blend of different textures and varying widths to create more impact.

Play Up The Theme With Suitable Decorations

Let your theme and color scheme drive your choices for your tree decorations to achieve an enticing design. Choose ornaments that complement your chosen theme and color scheme and opt for a riveting mix of different decor supplies including hanging decorations, feathers, artificial flowers, and greenery sprays to stylishly deck up your Christmas tree. However, when arranging your decorations on the tree, make sure to inspect it after every few additions to check if everything is well-balanced and spread out to your liking.

Add Final Touches

When it comes to alluring Christmas tree decorations, adding a tree topper to the mix can definitely be the cherry on top (quite literally!) Thus, in order to tie all your decor elements together, finish off your tree decorations with a statement topper for a gorgeous display. Just make sure to consider the proportions of your tree, the height of your room, and also the theme and color scheme to create a perfect-looking tree. You may top your tree with a metallic crown topper, a giant jute ribbon bow, or you could make a DIY topper using craft supplies to add a personalized touch to your Christmas decorations.

With these simple and easy tips and tricks in mind, we are confident that you can beat a professional tree decorator on any given day. Whether you’re working with a real tree or an artificial one, all you need are the right decorations and a dash of creativity to create a masterpiece that’ll help enhance your Christmas decorations tenfold. Which color scheme and theme are you going to pick this year? Share your Christmas tree decoration ideas with us in the comments below!

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