Indulge In Mexican Merriment With Classy Cinco de Mayo Decorations

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Ola amigos! Are you all geared up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the most colorful holiday of the year where Mexican culture and heritage are honored with cheer and delight? Cinco de Mayo is a Spanish phrase that means ‘5th Of May’, it’s a day that calls for a fun-filled Fiesta party with lots of Mexican food, margaritas, music, and bright and flamboyant decorations. Whether you have Mexican roots or you simply want to enjoy and relish fun-filled Mexican tradition, Cinco de Mayo celebration is the perfect way to revel in the festivities of this cheerful holiday. If you are planning to throw a Fiesta-fabulous Cinco de Mayo party and are looking for Southwestern style Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas to spice up your celebration, then feel festive as we have rounded up some interesting Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas. From Mexican food and drinks to music and colorful decorations, set up an incredibly exciting Cinco de Mayo party ambiance and bring a sassy south-of-the-border flair all around your party space.   

Cinco De Mayo table decor

Peppy Cinco de Mayo Party Backdrop Décor!

Capture the real magic of Mexican culture into your Cinco de Mayo party by decking it out with colorful decorations and ooze Mexican flair all around. Take full advantage of the spring summertime and make arrangements for your Cinco de Mayo party in the outdoors. Make an impressive impression on your guests by setting up a colorful Cinco de Mayo party backdrop and take your Cinco de Mayo celebrations to the next level. Impart earthy elegance into your Cinco de Mayo celebrations by arranging a cinco de mayo vinyl backdrop banner on a backdrop stand and enhance its visual appeal by further adorning it with white sheer curtain panels and gold sequin curtains. Spread an enchanting medley of Mexican colors on your backdrop by accentuating it with white, gold, lavender, turquoise, silver, red, and rose gold flowers. Jazz up your Cinco de Mayo dessert table by styling it with a white tablecloth, ivory lace overlay, and drape a Mexican serape table runner down the middle to achieve that perfect Mexican look. Make your dessert table look festive by adorning it with colorful DIY papel picado streamers made with crafting papers or foam sheets and bring an ultimate fiesta feel with these homemade Cinco de Mayo decorations.

 cinco de mayo banner

Cinco de Mayo Cacti Decorations

Sombreros, maracas, piñatas, Papel picado, and Ojo de Dios crafts are associated with Cinco de Mayo but another cute craft that is becoming popular nowadays is the cactus craft. These Mexican Cinco de Mayo decorations will add an instant pop of festive joy and fiesta flair to your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Making these oh-so-festive cactus decorations is one of the favorite activities of the kids, so engage your little crafters in these entertaining Cinco de Mayo crafts and spread the lovely Mexican flair all around. To create these cute cacti decorations, cut our foam sheets in cactus shape with the help of scissors and use chalk markers to add more details. Once your cute cactus decorations are ready, string them in a jute rope twine and hang by the trees and plants to create some authentic Cinco de Mayo decorations for your Mexican party.

cinco de mayo garland 

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, one of the festive Mexican holidays with your family members in the most fun-filled way, and get involved in some easy to make Cinco de Mayo decorations. Kids love festivities, as there are so many fun and exciting things to do, for instance, wearing their favorite costumes, eating their favorite food, and crafting fun and exciting DIY party decorations. Just like any other Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo also has some cute symbolic decorations that are a must have part of this celebration and cactus décor is one of them. To bring the sassy Southwestern flair into your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, let your little artists craft cute cactus garlands. Provide them with craft sheets, scissors, & chalk markers and let them cut as many cacti as they want, next, make them string these cute cactus in a jute rope and hang them in their room or any other favorite spot in the house.

 cinco de mayo cactus garland 

Jubilant Cinco de Mayo Table Decor Ideas

For any successful celebration, party décor is the key and to bring everyone into the party mood fiesta-fabulous tabletops play a vital part. To help you create some amazing Cinco de Mayo tabletop décor we have come up with some cool ideas that will surely help you set up an enticing Cinco de Mayo table. To bring the true essence of this festive holiday, add a sassy south-of-the-border vibe to your Fiesta tabletops by draping them with our Mexican Serape Tablecloth. Create bursting-with-color table decorations by arranging cheerful floral Cinco de Mayo centerpieces and perk things up by adding cactus succulent tea light candles, & cactus artificial plants with pots. Use colorful organza sashes to adorn the party chairs and hang paper fans to add festive pizazz to your Cinco de Mayo decorations.cinco de mayo decor  

Chic Cinco de Mayo Hanging Decor

Relish the traditional Mexican heritage and pride this May 5th by deking out your space with colorful Cinco de Mayo outdoor decorations and give your party space a celebratory flair. Mexican culture is all about colors and while decorating for Cinco de Mayo make sure to infuse all the bright and vibrant hues that shout Cinco de Mayo out loud. Take your Cinco de Mayo outdoor decorations to a whole new level of festivity by setting up a cheerful hanging paper lantern décor. To create these lovely Cinco de Mayo decorations get hold of our paper lanterns and beautifully accentuate your walls or ceilings with them. Create one-of –a-kind Cinco de Mayo decoration by covering the open roof of your party space with plenty of these colorful lanterns and exhibit your creativity most colorfully. 

 cinco de mayo lanterns

Mexican culture is rich and colorful; it attracts people from all over the world. Cinco de Mayo is one of the most likable Mexican holidays where friends and family get together and celebrate the Mexican heritage most entertainingly. From wearing sombrero hats, dancing to Mexican music holding maracas, enjoying tequila & margaritas, and eating those hot ‘n’ spicy Cinco de Mayo foods like nachos, tacos, salsa, chili peppers, enchiladas, tamale pies, etc, Cinco de Mayo is that festive time of the year which makes you feel like a real Mexican. Whether big or small, host a classy Cinco de Mayo party at home and breathe life into an entirely festive atmosphere. Bask in the high-spirited festivities of this rich Mexican culture by crafting some easy homemade Cinco de Mayo decorations with your little amigos and give your space a lovely Mexican touch. Unleash your creativity and create some colorful paper fans by using crafting papers and if you are falling short of time, then choose from our colorful range of paper pinwheels wall hanging décor and string them from the railing or hang them by the walls to spread the colors of Mexico in your Cinco de Mayo party space.

cinco de mayo pinwheel decor 

Exude perfect Mexican vibes into your Cinco de Mayo celebrations by setting up a colorful Mexican-style boho-chic tablescape and give your Cinco de Mayo party a truly festive feel. Lay the foundation by spreading a red/white buffalo plaid tablecloth and arrange a pretty floral centerpiece by flaunting white hydrangeas, pink chrysanthemum, white roses, fuchsia velvet rose & blush peony flowers in a glass vase & bud vase. Present some tasty Cinco de Mayo snacks like tacos & nachos with salsa sauce, guacamole, enchiladas, & cheesy bakes atop blue plates, dessert plates, bowls, and give your Cinco de mayo food presentation an elegant look by serving baked corns with bamboo skewers. Enjoy snacking on your favorite Mexican food and let these tasteful Cinco de Mayo decorations amp up your Cinco de Mayo party space. 


This May 5th, show your love for Mexican heritage by celebrating Cinco de Mayo and usher in the festive vibe. Revel in the joyous festivities of this festive holiday by creating some classy Cinco de Mayo decorations and turn your Cinco de Mayo party into a true fiesta. Which one of these Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas did you like the most? We would love to hear your ideas and inspirations. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

Written By Naomi Roberts - Updated April 10, 2024

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