Marvelous Mardi Gras Theme Party Décor Ideas

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Mardi Gras is the ideal time to give your home a festive makeover in its signature colors. Incorporating sumptuous Mardi Gras colors into your party décor will make it undeniably jubilant and add that final touch of flair! Transform your event space into a tropical paradise with Mardi Gras décor! From inexpensive decorations, like bright tablecloths and balloons, to more elaborate designs - like customized centerpieces and wall art- these ideas will make any gathering unforgettable. Whether you have an expansive budget or not; these inspiring Mardi Gras decorating ideas are sure to add something special to your big day.


Traditional Table Accents

If you're looking for the perfect way to get those Mardi Gras vibes going, start with vibrant tablecloths and runners in traditional purple, green, and gold. If your dining room table is quite extensive in length, why not consider alternating lengths of fabric in each color? This setup will surely be a showstopper! For smaller tables or sideboards, you could use placemats and napkins in all three shades but alternate them around the table so that no two matching colors are next to each other. This will help ensure that the room still looks cohesive while also providing a subtle hint at the Mardi Gras theme.


Wonderful Wall Art

To truly bring the spirit of Mardi Gras into your home, hang large canvas prints depicting iconic New Orleans landmarks like Bourbon Street and Jackson Square on your walls. This is sure to make any Mardi Gras gathering one to remember! If you're looking for a more nostalgic atmosphere, hang up some framed posters featuring vintage images from former Carnival celebrations! Or try something new and exciting by adding paper lanterns with vibrant tassels - it'll give your space an extra layer of texture and movement. No matter how you choose to decorate your walls, make sure that vibrant pops of color are still visible; after all, Mardi Gras decorations should be dazzling and attention-grabbing!


Classy Centerpieces

After you've locked in the basics, it's time to take your Mardi Gras decorations up a notch and try something more creative. An excellent suggestion would be utilizing balloons of all three colors placed around a vase with flowers in one or two shades. Be as imaginative as possible! To add a modern twist to traditional New Orleans style, why not try hanging sparkly streamers from colorful glass vases filled with eye-catching accents? To make your decorations even more unforgettable, consider adding some unique items like playful masks or feather boas draped across chairs or mantelpieces.


Add some pizzazz to your space and create a Mardi Gras party venue with just a few touches! Utilize classic decorations such as vibrant balloons and streamers, or go all out with framed posters and paper lanterns. Let your creativity run wild by taking inspiration from the décor ideas above! Whether you have a tight budget or are willing to splurge, adding a Mardi Gras flair can create an event that both you and your guests will never forget! Let us know what decorations were your favorite by commenting below. 

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