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Whether you are a restaurant owner, event planner, or an avid party-maker, there is no doubt that high-quality and fresh linens will not just protect your tables from damage and spillage but will also elevate your guests’ dining experience manifold. Due to their matte, linen-like appearance, polyester tablecloths have become a real staple of the event industry. To this effect, many table linen stores are brimming with different polyester linens, making it hard to make a choice. In this blog, we’ll explain to you why polyester table covers from tableclothsfactory.com are worth your attention.

What Makes Our Polyester Linens Stand Out?

To be honest, our polyester tablecloths offer many advantages that their counterparts do not. First up, these table linens are absolutely inexpensive, and there are at least two reasons for this – firstly, our polyester tablecloths are synthetic; secondly, they are manufactured by tableclothsfactory.com, meaning that there are no middlemen between you and us.

Another benefit of our polyester linens is that polyester has strong fibers, which do not wear down as quickly as cotton does, for example. This means that our polyester tablecloths are durable while being resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. That said, you can use these linens over and over again, and they won’t lose their crisp appearance. Furthermore, the durability of polyester makes the maintenance a cinch – these darlings are machine-washable and dry very quickly!

The third reason why you should pay particular attention to our polyester tablecloths is that these linens are extremely versatile. Being slightly silkier than cotton and more matte than satin, polyester will give your tables a neat appearance. Whether you are planning a grandeur occasion, or there is a small gathering around the corner, our polyester table linens will never look off!

Beige Square Polyester Tablecloth

Types of Our Polyester Tablecloths

Striving to meet all your “polyester tablecloth” basics, we offer round, rectangular, and square polyester tablecloths. On top of that, each shape comes in two varieties.

Solid-Colored Polyester Tablecloths

If you need a versatile tablecloth, which can hit the spotlight on many occasions, our solid-colored polyester table linens are always a safe bet. Regardless of what variety is to your liking – our rectangular, square, or round polyester tablecloths – make no mistake, all of these linens come in more shades than a rainbow can offer. For example, for a minimalist setup, you’d better bet on our denimbeigesilver, or black polyester rectangular tablecloths. For a colorful splash, consider draping your table with our fuchsiacoral, or turquoise polyester tablecloth, to name just a few. Meanwhile, our blue and pink polyester tablecloths will elegantly complement a pastel-hued ensemble. Whether you use these polyester table covers as they are or in conjunction with other linens from our online store, they will definitely lend your tables a fascinating look!

Denim Tablecloth

Gingham Polyester Tablecloths

Whether you are planning a national pizza day, or there’s a BBQ cookout around the corner, look no further than our gingham polyester tablecloths. Like their solid-colored counterparts, our gingham polyester linens come in an extensive variety of colors. Thus, for a patriotic appearance, take our red/white or blue/white polyester tablecloths into consideration. Since the pastel-hued gingham design is associated with children, our rose quartz/white and light/blue white gingham polyester tablecloths are classic options for baby showers and gender reveal parties. Even if your event has no specific theme, you can go for these polyester tablecloths in order to infuse your venue with a rustic flair – just be sure to involve burlap and denim, wooden slices, rustic planter boxes, lots of greenery, or whatever comes into your mind.

Blue Gingham Tablecloth

How to Find the Right Polyester Tablecloth Size

While it is quite obvious, which shape of our polyester tablecloths fits your tables, you may have a hard time deciding on the right size. Luckily, it is easier than it seems. First up, you should settle on the drop length that your polyester linens should provide. It should be noted that table linens that go all the way down the floor are commonly used for upscale events. Meanwhile, the shorter polyester covers will lend your table that informal charm. Once you know the needed drop length, measure up your table (if you have a round table, you’ll need the diameter; for a rectangular table, find the length and the width). As soon as you know the dimensions and the desired drop length, go to our Size App and do the following:

  • Choose the needed table shape;
  • Choose the dimensions of your table;
  • See the result in the Tablecloth Size column.
Size Chart

Alternatively, you can use our Size Chart. Like the Size App, it will allow you to find the needed polyester tablecloth size based on your table’s dimensions and the drop length. Whether you have a round or rectangular table, our Size Chart is sure to cover all your bases. For example, if you have to dress up a round table with a polyester tablecloth, you should take the following steps:

  • Find the size of your table in the first column;
  • Once you are done, find the desired drop length;
  • As soon as you find your drop length, look at the Linen Size line to see your polyester tablecloth
  • In order to find the needed polyester tablecloth size, you’ll need to go to our Round Tablecloths section; then, hit the Polyester Round Tablecloths button and find the needed size.
Size Chart

Economical, durable, and elegant, our polyester tablecloths are destined to be a part of your selection of table linens. Was this article useful to you? In case you have any questions regarding our polyester table covers, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below!  

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