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Like table linens, napkins play a significant role in any table setup. While paper napkins offer nothing but the convenience of disposability, their cloth counterparts also double as a means of décor and a token of a high-end taste. To this effect, as an event planner with a tough schedule, you might need cloth napkins, which you can use over and over again. In case you don’t want them to burn a hole in your pocket, it’s highly advisable to purchase linen napkins in bulk at

Reasons to Choose Linen Napkins Over Paper Ones

Do you still believe that linen napkins are too fussy to be used on a regular basis? Believe it or not, linen napkins are too gorgeous to be ignored, and here are a few reasons why!

1. Visual Appeal

Let’s face it: it doesn’t matter how delicious the food is, presentation is everything. That said, a table looks more finished with elegantly folded cloth napkins that go perfectly with an overlay or a table runner.

2. Durability

How many napkins did you use at your last BBQ party? Chances are you don’t know the exact number if you used paper napkins. Of course, using fabric napkins means washing them after the dinner. But it also means producing less waste.

Ivory Cotton Napkin


3. Economy

Yes, cloth napkins are not as cheap as their paper fellows. But since linen napkins are reusable, using them will allow you to save much cash. Furthermore, you can use them for many other things, such as to line baskets or to tie around a wine bottle to catch drips. On top of that, by purchasing linen napkins in bulk at, you’ll considerably reduce your expenses.

4. Less Trash

The fourth reason why you should forget about paper napkins once and for all is that fabric napkins are less wasteful than their paper counterparts. This is especially relevant if you are planning to serve dinner for a crowd. What’s more, if you have kids among the invitees, your meal won’t end up looking like it has snowed under a table – kids won’t be able to rip apart linen napkins.

Burgundy Sequin Napkin

Our Range

Along with the advantages listed above, our collection of bulk linen napkins offers an extensive range of varieties. Thus, if you place top priority on a neat and professional look, look no further than our selection of polyester linen bulk napkins – sewn from synthetic fibers, these darlings will fascinate you with their durability coupled with that festive gloss while the unparalleled variety of shades will dispel all your doubts. In case there is an upscale banquet on the agenda, please take our satin linen bulk napkins into consideration – feel free to couple them with other silky products for a pulled-together look. Does the regal sheen of satin have you swooning, but your setup needs some texture? We believe that there is no better place to shop from than our collection of taffeta napkins – whether you go for our taffeta crinkle napkins, pintuck bulk napkins, or flocked taffeta napkins, you won’t be disappointed!

Burgundy Polyester Napkin

Those who have a fascination for lovely cloth napkin folds should visit our collection of cotton & blend-napkins and stock up on our premium cotton napkins to let their creativity run wild. Our gingham bulk napkins will cover your bases whenever a countryside-inspired touch is needed. On top of that, if you need fabric napkins for purely decorative needs, we are at your service with our sequin napkins.

Whichever linen napkin variety you choose, please bear in mind that all of them come in 17 and 20 inches square, meaning that we’ll cater to your “bulk napkin” needs, regardless of what occasion is on the agenda. Thus, if you are planning a formal dinner, our 20-inch cloth napkins will do. Meanwhile, our 17-inch fabric napkins are a safe investment for an informal get-together.

Flocking Taffeta Napkin



How to Display Our Linen Napkins

There is no doubt that our linen napkins can spice up any table settings without additional accessories. At the same time, unlike their paper counterparts, they give so many opportunities for getting creative that it would be a huge mistake to ignore all of them!

Of course, the easiest way to take our bulk cloth napkins to the next level of sophistication is to visit our collection of napkin rings. Whether you go for acrylic, wooden, rhinestone, spiral, or plated rings, they will not just reliably hold those fancy napkin folds together but will also complement your table setup in a stylish manner. On top of that, a greenery spray would definitely take our bulk linen napkins a few steps further.

White Satin Napkins


Another way to style our bulk linen napkins is to present them in lovely folds, which is the classic way to breathe a new life into any napkin without using any additional accessories. To tell the truth, there are more napkin folds than stars in the sky. For example, if you are polishing your setup for a romantic dinner, simply fold your cloth napkins into lovely envelopes or hearts. In case you have a flower-inspired theme, just complement it with bright-colored napkins folded to rose shape. At the same time, there is no need to stock up on porcelain bunnies for an Easter party – you can considerably save by folding your napkins into lovely bunnies. Whichever napkin fold crosses your mind, make no mistake – there are lots of ways of bringing it to life (say “hi” to video tutorials).

Royal Blue Crinkle Taffeta Napkin

While our bulk linen napkins are economical, less wasteful, and visually appealing, they come in a variety of colors and designs to cover all your “fabric napkin” basics. You can display them as they or give way to your creativity with fanciful napkin folds and additional accessories. Which way will you go? What are your ways to display fabric napkins? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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