Swoon-Worthy Christmas Decorations for a Joyful Christmas & New Year’s Eve Celebration!

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With Christmas and New Year right around the corner, have you planned anything sparkling and glimmering to celebrate this festive time? Christmas is the time to revel and rejoice with friends and family and not to forget about those mesmerizing and twinkling Christmas decorations that are an essential part of this merry time. With Christmas and New Year coming back to back, let’s give our homes an eccentric charm by adorning with amazing Christmas decorations and welcome 2021 in the most astounding way. Whether you are planning a small gathering or a big family dinner, try to infuse all the festive elements into your Christmas decorations and give your Christmas and New Year’s Eve party a joyful feel. In order to make your celebrations special with some swoon-worthy Christmas decorations, we have cherry-picked some alluring Christmas decoration ideas that will surely give your space a festive pop. Read on to discover the trendy Christmas themes we have in store for you.

2020 has totally changed the way this world was before, from social distancing and work from home to obligatory face covering and hand sanitizing, this year has been a challenging one and still is. We redesigned our traditional celebrations by commemorating them within the confines of our humble abodes and kept our festive spirits high. So, let’s end this challenging year in the same way by planning a small family gathering or a New Year Eve Party at home with our loved ones and welcome the new year with a hope of a ‘‘COVID-19 free 2021’’ for everyone. Deck out your homes with celebratory Christmas decorations and give your Christmas & New Year Eve party a dazzling allure. Make everybody feel festive and enthralled at your place while following all the social distancing guidelines and welcome 2021 in style!

Christmas & new year

Delightful Christmas Countdown!

Christmas and New Year is the most awaited and celebrated time of the year. It brings the pleasure of having that quality time with friends and family as well as decorating our homes with festive Christmas decorations. A Christmas countdown starts in every home with the start of December, this year let’s make it a little more fun and peppy affair by crafting an adorable Christmas countdown hanging and keep our festive spirits high with each passing day. To begin with, creatively pick our Styrofoam flat, cut it in a jar shape and give it a black base. Moreover, get hold of our chalk markers and brilliantly set the dates for December with some cute Christmas drawings and a ‘Christmas is coming’ note in the end to emphasize the special day. Tie an ivory satin cord and hang this delightful Christmas decoration somewhere that grabs every ones attention and give yourself and your friends a delightful wait till Christmas.

Christmas & new year

Endearing Fireplace Mantel Decor!

Christmas is a traditional family holiday which calls for festive Christmas decorations. From adorning the Christmas tree to festively illuming the outdoors with lights, beautifying the fireplace mantel is also a significant part of Christmas decorations. Infuse the magic of the Christmas by giving your fireplace mantel a ravishing decor. Evoke the joyous Christmas spirit by styling your mantel with greenery garland and further hang some Christmas stockings for Santa to fill, along with a cute hand-crafted bow made out of our burlap fabric roll in the middle. Instead of overdoing your fireplace mantel with Christmas accents, ingeniously elevate its look by creating a simple yet classic show stopping centerpiece. Festively place a sleigh centerpiece and bring that Christmassy feel by filling it up with fake ferns, red pearl stem spray and other winter pieces. Sweetly craft a snowman with our Styrofoam balls and let it dash through the snow in this adorable sleigh. Add an enticing sparkle into your mantel decor by placing LED flameless candle and ooze oodles of festive elegance all around.

Christmas & new year

Fireplace mantel serves as a focal point in any indoor Christmas decorations and ingeniously highlights its aesthetics up a notch. Kids love Christmas and the perks that come along with it, so, deck out your fireplace with adorable Christmas decorations and delight your little celebrators in the most enchanting way. Grab their attention by beautifully arranging the Christmas gifts on top of each other and festively place a small Christmas tree at the top along with a smiling Santa Clause standing at the bottom wishing everyone ‘‘A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year’’! Position a big wreath by adorning our metal hoop wreath with greenery garland along with a small pinecones decorated wreath near the fireplace and add heaps of Christmassy charm into your space. For a more opulent look fit pinecones inside our pots and set them along with some scattered mini pinecones, wicker balls, yarn ball ornaments and festive Christmas figurines. Cap off this adorable arrangement by lighting up LED candles and bring a charismatic sparkle into your indoor Christmas decorations.

Christmas & new year

An Admirable Entryway!

Every house needs some sparkling Christmas decorations for bringing that festive holiday cheer and what better way than to start from your entryway. Welcome your loved ones with gratification by adorning your entrance with striking Christmas decorations and give them a delightful sight the moment they enter your house. A Christmas without a Christmas tree is out of question, so creatively set Christmas trees in various heights near the staircase and festively adorns them with Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree confetti, pinecones and string fairy lights. Joyfully place some Christmas gifts underneath the trees and give your beautiful Christmas decorations a festive feel. Add a more comfy and cuddly feel in your indoor Christmas decorations by setting a Holly Jolly cushion along with Moroccan string lights on a sofa and further spruce up your Christmas decorations by arranging some Christmas centerpieces on the side table and breathe life into an entirely festive atmosphere.

Christmas & new year

Refined & Sophisticated Christmas Tablescape!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year which brings immense joy and happiness. While arranging a festive Christmas dinner, give your tablescape a sophisticated and refined allure. Bring the outdoors in by giving your Christmas tablescape a bucolic feel and make a striking impression with some rustic Christmas decorations. Draw inspiration from the landscape and beautifully dress up your party tables with a posh silver tablecloth and unfurl our splendid rustic burlap striped runner to create a stunning base. Capture the essence of winter snow by bunching some frosted leaves or fake ferns dusted with fake instant snow in the middle and give your tablescape a perfect Christmassy feel. Accentuate the aesthetics of your rustic Christmas decorations by placing gold mirror balls, gold pearls, and gold leaves and spread a warm scintillating glow by placing gold metal candle holder beautifully holding white taper candles and invoke the delightful Christmas charm into your indoor Christmas decorations.
Christmas & New year

Arranging tablescapes for Christmas gives you the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and showcase your festive aesthetics in the most inspiring way. To further complement your rustic Christmas decorations pull together sylvan style place settings for your tablescape and enticingly arrange our white plates and couple them with wooden slice to capture the ethereal beauty of the season. To elevate the rustic appeal of your tablescape add personalized touches by creatively writing ‘Happy New Year’ with chalk marker on these wooden slices and grab the attention of everyone around. Furthermore, pair them with our silver cutlery set and flared flutes and make your Christmas & New Year dinner the most memorable one. This truly festive and magical rustic Christmas decorations will give your New Year Eve Party an outstanding feel.

Christmas & New year

Sparkling Ceiling Christmas Decorations!

Give a joyous touch to your Christmas and New Year Eve’s Party by adorning the ceiling above the dinner table with special lighting and add a sweet twinkling charm in your indoor Christmas decorations. Embrace the snowy wonder by decorating your ceiling with blue string lights along with customized cotton ball string lights, spray painted in blue hues and give a celebratory pop to your beautiful Christmas decorations. Imitating glorious snowflakes falling down from the sky, this sparkling ceiling decorations will transform your space into a majestic winter wonderland and will exude a brilliant and scintillating flair in your Christmas decorations. This breathtaking and elegant arrangement will ingeniously highlight your indoor Christmas decorations and will delight your guests with the utmost pleasure.


Christmas & New year

As you can see, choosing the perfect Christmas decorations for your Christmas & New Year Eve Party will surely add an oomph factor in your celebrations. Which of these Christmas decorations ideas inspired you the most? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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