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Recently, small scale weddings have gained a lot of popularity among couples who want to imbue an intimate feel into their wedding affair. And it doesn’t get any more personal than having a wedding in the backyard of the house you grew up in. So, if a wedding is on the cards and you’re wondering should I do a backyard wedding with simple backyard wedding decorations, the answer is yes! Since there is no place like home, having a backyard wedding is the epitome of convenience not to mention effortlessly romantic. If that’s not enough reason to convince you to tie the knot in your backyard, here are some more benefits of having a wedding in your backyard along with lovely backyard wedding decoration ideas and tips to help you visualize your event and make a prompt decision!

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1. Customized & Eccentric Wedding Setup

There is no better feeling in the world than tying the eternal knot of love in the backyard where you played as a child. Having a small backyard wedding with your loved ones in attendance not only makes those precious wedding moments even more valuable but also allows you to customize your setup and backyard wedding decorations to your liking. Since your guest list will be small, you can include unique and fun elements in your wedding to create a unique experience for your guests. Delight your guests with some exotic sweet treats served on a dessert station and set up a groovy LED dance floor with bar carts on the side for a fun-filled backyard wedding.  Moreover, get creative with your seating arrangement and take your living room couches out the back door along with white folding chairs and clear transparent chairs to add an eccentric visual appeal to your wedding setup.

2. Convenient & Economical

When it comes to choosing wedding venues that match your style and personality, nothing compares to the comfort and convenience of your home. For couples who love to be outdoors, a backyard with scenic surroundings is the perfect place to say their vows. Plus, you have the freedom to pick your dream date without paying huge deposits just to reserve the date which significantly reduces your wedding expenses. Although, you’ll have to build up the venue from the ground up, having a backyard wedding at home is still economical as compared to the traditional venue wedding. To set the foundation for your elegant backyard wedding decorations, we suggest that you start by creating a lovely canopy using our hoop ceiling draping hardware kit and ceiling drapes giving a whimsical and dramatic flair to your backyard wedding tent decor.

3. Full Artistic Control

Decorating a backyard for a wedding reception offers flexibility for redefining the space with endless backyard wedding decoration ideas and themes. With no decor, color or style restrictions, you have full control over the artistic details of your wedding decor. You can choose to accentuate the scenic beauty of your surroundings with a neutral color palette, natural décor, and burlap accents giving way to rustic backyard wedding decorations or you can simply go for an extraordinary color scheme with grand event décor for lavish backyard wedding decorations. Let your creativity shine and create a customized look for the wedding arch and aisle décor using pretty aisle runners, vases, props and columns, unique backdrop stands, curtains & drapes, artificial flowers, and greenery vines to set the scene for an enchanting backyard wedding celebration. Bedeck the reception tables with premium table linens, designer dinnerware, and majestic tabletop decorations and illume your backyard using hanging string lights and LED candles to transform your space into a dreamy wedding venue.

With such invaluable benefits, you won’t ever regret the decision of tying the knot in your backyard. Has this blog convinced you to throw a backyard wedding? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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