Chic Table Setup for Your Last Minute Veterans Day Decor

patriotic decoration veterans day Veterans Day Decoration

Veterans Day is a holiday of historic and patriotic significance, which gives us a chance to thank all the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, our families, and millions of other US citizens. Are you hosting a luncheon or dinner party for a veteran family member to celebrate and honor them on this special day? Or do you want to make your regular family dinner extra special and exciting to keep the patriotic spirit high? Gathering around a beautifully set table that oozes the spirit of patriotism seems like a good way to pay tribute to the military veterans! Sounds right, doesn’t it? That is why we have set up a lovely Veterans Day table to help you elevate your holiday decorations to the next level. Featuring the symbolic red, white, and blue accents, our tablescape decor is perfect for the occasion and will surely evoke the patriotic spirit all around! Check out the setup video and photos below to see our Veterans Day table decorations in detail and keep on reading to gather some inspirational last-minute decor tips for your Veterans Day celebration!

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Patriotic DIY Veterans Day Decoration Ideas

patriotic decoration veterans day Veterans Day Decoration

Every year, Veterans Day is celebrated on the 11th of November to appreciate all those brave soldiers who fought for their country in war or peace and are dead or alive. People tend to confuse this holiday with Memorial Day, although it’s a day to thank all the living veterans for the sacrifices that they made. Veterans Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all the U.S veterans who defended the sovereignty of our beloved homeland. This year let’s give our great soldiers a celebration that they will never forget for years to come and thank them for providing us with the greatest gift of all—freedom. If you are struggling to find practical ways to celebrate Veterans Day, then keep reading as we  have listed some inspirational Veterans Day decoration ideas that will help your reflect your real support and admiration towards those brave veterans.

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Explore Exciting Ways To Celebrate Columbus Day!

Columbus Day patriotic decoration

Christopher Columbus was one of those great explorers and a gifted navigator who sailed across Atlantic Ocean and changed the course of world’s history. The greatest mariners in history, a visionary genius, a national hero and a mystic, Christopher Columbus, is credited with the discovery of America in 1492 by connecting the Old World with the New World. Columbus Day is a U.S holiday that commemorates the date he first set foot in the Americas. Columbus Day, also known as Indigenous Peoples’ Day churns up a turbulent sea of disagreement every year, but still is celebrated by many Americans as the anniversary of the discovery of their country with the same enthusiasm. The major celebration that is held is a Columbus Day Parade, but due to the unprecedented situation no parade or big gatherings are allowed leaving us feel less festive. Fret not! As we have explored some exciting Columbus Day party ideas to celebrate at home that will not only liven  up our spirits of ‘discovering’ America but will also rejoice our national heritage in the most positive way.

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Bid Farewell to summers with our Chic Picnic Table Decor

Backyard backyard party patriotic decoration picnic picnic party

With birds and butterflies fluttering around and lush greenery and flowers thriving in the sweet summer sunshine, there is so much to love about this blissful warm season. Don’t you agree? We don’t know about you, but as this season draws to an end with fall waiting to take over anytime now, we aren’t ready to let go of the relaxed vibe, cool balmy evenings, and the backyard fun under the open sky just yet! Whether you’re hosting a special holiday party or you just need an excuse to head out the backdoor to bask in the warmth of the summer sunshine and breathe in the fresh air while you still can, nothing pays homage to an all-American summer than an exciting picnic party in your very own backyard. Although backyard parties are notorious for being simple with a laid-back and casual vibe, we believe that there is no reason you can’t spruce it up a bit to take your outdoor picnic party to a whole new level. To help you lift your backyard picnic table decor game, we have assembled a wonderful picnic table set up that features a vibrant summery color palette and chic country style accents exuding a sophisticated flair with a touch of rustic elegance. Seize the opportunity and check out the video and photos and scroll down to gather some inspirational backyard picnic table decor ideas to enjoy a lovely alfresco meal with your friends and family one last time until next year for a perfect end of summer outdoor picnic experience!

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Labor Day Party Ideas To Bid Summer Farewell!

labor day labor day decoration labor day party patriotic decoration

There is no denying the fact that the labor class is the backbone of any successful economy and Labor Day is one such occasion where all such hard working people are honored for their effortless contribution in raising up the economy. No matter what their work type is, either it’s working in a farm, at the plant, in office or at home, this highly motivated working class needs a day of recognition for their hard work. Celebrated on the first Monday of every September, Labor Day is marked as the most anticipated late summer holiday. A festively decorated Labor Day Party is all you need to feel that first breeze of early fall and bid a charming farewell to summer. Read on as we have listed some simple yet classic Labor Day Party ideas to make your end of the summer bash the most successful party of the season, even in these stressful times.

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Uplift your Spirit with These Fun 4th of July Activities

4th of July Celebration Holiday patriotic decoration patriotic party

4th of July celebrations are all about sensational firework displays, lively parades, beach and park picnics, and sharing a hearty meal with your loved ones to celebrate America’s birthday. But in this age of social distancing, with parades and firework shows being canceled, things are probably going to look a lot different than usual. But that doesn’t mean that you have to let go of all the fun 4th of July activities altogether. Tweak you Fourth of July plans a little and focus on spending more time with your family to revel in the classic holiday festivities. Instead of inviting the entire extended family for a grand barbeque party, plan a small get together with immediate family and closest friends or in lieu of the annual neighborhood block party, host a virtual potluck to safely celebrate this patriotic holiday. If you are looking for fun 4th of July activities to keep your quarantine crew occupied, how about making some DIY 4th of July crafts which can be doubled as your holiday decorations. Read on and explore some interesting ways and rousing 4th of July activities for adults and kids to revive the patriotic spirit!

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Add A Touch Of Patriotism Into Your Home Decor This 4th Of July!

4th of July Celebration patriotic decoration patriotic party

4th of July is commemorated with great passion and patriotism around the nation to celebrate the spirit of independence. Americans all around the world cherish and relish the glory of freedom and indulge in fun-filled activities to celebrate the independence of their homeland. Though, this year’s 4th of July celebrations will be different from traditional practices like traditional 4th of July parade, park activities, or fire shows etc., due to the prevailing uncertain situation, but it can still be celebratory and packed with patriotic flair. Don’t lower down your festive mood and get into the spirit of patriotism with some fun-filled patriotic indoor and outdoor 4th of July crafts. Let’s make this year’s 4th of July celebrations special by adding colors of pride and patriotism into your space with our festive collection of red, blue and white and indulge in the most swoon-worthy 4th of July decorations. Read on as we have mustered up some simple yet chic patriotic 4th of July decoration ideas that will surely give you and your guest a safe and exciting way to enjoy the holiday together in the most festive way.

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Elegant DIY Crafts for a Patriotic 4th of July Display!

4th of July Celebration DIY centerpiece DIY crafts DIY decoration patriotic decoration

There is no doubt that the most awaited holiday of the season – Independence Day calls for special decor to usher in the cheerful festive flair. Although you might not be able to throw a grand Fourth of July party this year due to social distancing, there are plenty of exciting ways to celebrate America’s birthday with all its glory. Host a small get together with just your quarantine crew and closest friends and plan some fun 4th of July activities to keep the patriotic spirit high! Show off your American pride with a touch of creativity and bedeck your home with unique DIY crafts featuring red, blue, and white hues to elevate your 4th of July decorations to a whole new level. If you are thrilled to create some elegant DIY crafts for this patriotic holiday, you are in for a treat! We have assembled a few gorgeous and easy craft ideas that are perfect for a stunning and patriotic display. So what are you waiting for? Grab your DIY craft supplies from Tableclothsfactory because you're going to want to try out these riveting 4th of July crafts.

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