Three Simple yet Intricate Halloween Wreath Décor Ideas

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Halloween is the ultimate holiday when you can go wild with the decorations. Celebrate this year’s All Hallows' Eve festival with our spooky wreath décor ideas. Wreaths are a symbolic festive décor element to signify jollification. So wave your magic wand and rustle up some creepy looking wreaths with our easy to follow steps to spellbind your guests with your creative door decorations.

“The Witch Is In” Wreath

Black is the color of darkness and is often associated with Halloween. Impress your guests and trick-or-treaters with this black witch wreath which is both stylish and wicked. This year make this super easy wreath to add a sophisticated touch to your décor.  Gather the following supplies from our online store- and start your crafty wreath project.

Halloween Wreath Decor Ideas

Follow these instructions to assemble this wreath:

  • Start by covering the foam wreath ring tightly with our satin black ribbon. Cover the entire ring so that nothing is visible from beneath. Cut the ribbon and use straight pins to secure the ends of the ribbon.
  • The next step is to make loops which will cover the entire wreath. Pin one end of the ribbon and make an approximately 1" loop and secure it using another straight pin.
  • Keep making loops of the same size and secure them in such a way that they overlap the previous loops. When a full circle is completed, you will be back to your starting point.
  • Start a new line of loops just beside the first one and repeat the loop making process as described above until the whole wreath is covered with ribbon loops.
  • To make it prettier and add a finishing touch, make a bow with long ends at the bottom end of the wreath.
  • Take the black glitter foam sheet and trace and cut a witch silhouette.
  • Your wreath is ready to glorify your door, hang the wreath and mark a center point where you would like to stick the witch silhouette. Remove the self-adhesive paper from the silhouette and stick it on your door.

This wreath will be a trendy addition to your décor. Disguise yourself in a witch’s costume to scare the little trick-or-treaters who come to knock at your door looking for candy.

Raven’s Cave Wreath

Ravens are both scary looking and intimidating, incorporating this terrifying bird into your décor theme will be perfect for Halloween. Create this spooky looking creative wreath by following our easy steps and enjoy all the praise from your guests.

Here are the supplies needed to make this wreath:

Halloween Wreath Decor Ideas

Follow these instructions to make this eerie-looking wreath:

  • First, cut black tulle net pieces which are approximately 10-12"
  • Start covering the wreath with tulle pieces by taking a piece and tying both its ends with a black rubber band. You don’t need to align both ends of the tulle, the unequal ends of the tulle net will give a mystical look to your wreath.
  • Tie all the pieces side by side making sure that there are no remaining spaces in between and cover the entire wreath.
  • The next step is to add decorative details. To make a bigger flower as shown in the picture, take 2 heads of our purple-colored chrysanthemum flowers and stick them using a glue gun on one side of the wreath.
  • As the stems of our baby breath flowers are long, cut them to shorten the length and creatively arrange a few stems at the top and bottom of the purple chrysanthemum flower heads.
  • To give some color contrast, add a few white baby breath flowers as well.
  • Finish off by placing a raven in the middle of the wreath. For a more stylish look, add a black plume feather instead. Place the feather across the lower end of the wreath and stick it in such a way that the top end of its vane brushes up against the chrysanthemum.

There you have it, a stylish yet scary looking raven’s cave wreath ready to make your Halloween décor the talk of the town.

Scaredy-Cat Wreath

Black cats are a sign of bad luck in many cultures and in traditional folklore, they are often associated with witchcraft and evil beings. Superstitious people believe that if a black cat crosses your path, bad luck and misfortune will follow. This year, frighten your superstitious guests with this black cat Halloween wreath. You can make this at the last minute as it is very easy. You will need the following supplies to create this wreath:

Halloween Wreath Decor Ideas

Follow these steps to create your personalized scaredy-cat wreath:

  • Start with covering the foam ring with our black feather boa, and secure the ends with a glue gun. You can also pin the boa using straight pins randomly to make it more secure.
  • Next, cut two cat’s eye-shaped cutouts from a golden glitter foam sheet and stick it on the boa covered wreath as shown in the picture. You can also use a glue gun to stick them.
  • Cut two cat’s ear-shaped cutouts and two pupils from the black glitter foam sheet. Place and stick the pupils in the center of the eyes.
  • Turn over the wreath and using a glue gun, stick the ears
  • Use black bendable craft wire to make whiskers. Cut six pieces which are 7-8 inches long and poke the foam ring with 3 of them on the left side and 3 wires on the right side.
  • Finish off with a black ribbon loop to hang the wreath.

Viola, you have created your own personalized black cat wreath to scare all your scaredy-cat guests.

As you can see, these simple yet intricate looking wreath décor ideas can be made at the last minute with our amazing range of crafts and supplies available at our online store-  Which idea inspired you the most? Please let us know in the comments.

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