What Color Matches With Dusty Blue?

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Adorn your wedding space with the charismatic dusty blue color and create a truly whimsical and highly romantic ambiance. Dusty blue color is one of the trendiest wedding colors and is in the top list of most soon to be married couples. The most beautiful thing about dusty blue color is that it works and blends with every season and let you create some breathtaking wedding color schemes. Being highly versatile, dusty blue color not only glamorizes the wedding color palettes but also enhances the simplest designs into mind-blowing ones. With so many amazing wedding colors, deciding ‘What color matches with dusty blue?’ sometimes become a tough call. If you are also facing a hard time creating a cool wedding color palette with dusty blue color, then find yourself at ease, as we have rounded up some pretty wedding color schemes that are trendy in 2021. Read along and get inspired!

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Dusty Blue With Seasonal Tones!

While choosing wedding colors, seasons play an important role and if you have a dusty blue wedding theme, then choose such wedding colors that complement with the current season. The coolest aspect of having a dusty blue color in your wedding color schemes is that it works perfect for any season, just pair it with the seasonal hues and add an instant WOW factor into your wedding décor.

A dusty blue color is the most adorable wedding color for celebrations in spring season, it looks beauteous when paired with splendid greens, cream, ivory, blush, rose gold & peach. The serene soft impact and dreamlike delicacy of dusty blue color will add flair into your wedding cakes, reception surroundings and floral arrangement.

Summer wedding color schemes are both on soft and bright side, while looking for a wedding color palette for dusty blue wedding, pick purple, pink, blue & yellow, even blending orange, lime green, sage green, gray and natural will bring a magical touch into your summer nuptial.

Make a statement in your fall wedding by matching dusty blue color with fiery reds, yellows, and orange along with champagne, sage green, or burgundy. Create stunning wedding color schemes for your fall dusty blue wedding by adding greenery and give your space an eternal radiance.

Winter is undoubtedly the best season to tie the knot, create a mesmeric wedding color palette for your dusty blue wedding by matching it with elegant navy blue, white or sage green. Combine dusty blue color with white & pink and make your winter wedding look elegant and right on trend.

Dusty Blue Color With Deep Shades!

Rocking the weddings with its super soft and romantic feel, dusty blue color is what everyone is looking for as their wedding color. Bring more warmth and elegance into this shade by pairing it with amazing hues and create stunning wedding color schemes that are totally unique and exquisite. Match the soft dusty blue color with deep and rich tones of burgundy, turquoise, navy blue, gold and purple and create some captivating dusty blue color combos. Highlight this bold and rich burgundy color in your wedding color schemes by pairing it with dusty blue color and ooze timeless elegance all around. Adorn this mesmerizing wedding color palette in your wedding decorations, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, and wedding bouquets and create a swoon-worthy ambiance that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Dusty Blue With Pastel Tones!

Dusty blue color is that one awesome hue that beautifully blends with any color and creates breathtaking wedding color schemes. For those who want to create a pastel wedding color palette, pair dusty blue color with some hot and passionate tones like gold, rose gold, champagne, or bronze and see how tantalizing this wedding color scheme will look. While creating wedding flower arrangement, pair dusty blue color with blush, pink, rose quartz, dusty rose, or ivory and give your wedding floral display a top notch feel with this wedding color scheme. Let the beautiful dusty blue color give your tabletops an eye-catching allure by pairing it with gold, silver, or navy blue and let this striking wedding color palette exude dramatic effects into your duty blue wedding ambiance.


Dusty blue color is undoubtedly the prettiest wedding color, so mix it with the perfect hues to give your wedding color schemes a totally whimsical feel. Make a perfect combination by picking the trending wedding color 2021 and let your dusty blue wedding be the talk of the town. How did you find our choice of wedding color schemes? Do let us know in the box below

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