How To Choose A Color Scheme For Your Wedding?

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Planning a wedding is one of the most amazing experiences; it’s a day full of fantasies, jubilation, and ecstasy. Organizing a wedding feels exciting but it too is a bit stressful, as planning an event on a large scale is a tricky and tedious task. Selecting wedding color schemes that reflect your style and signifies your big day is the most challenging part of planning a wedding, as the rest of your wedding aesthetics depends on that. There are some amazing wedding color palettes out there and finding that perfect wedding color combo is a tough decision. Don’t stress yourself by wondering, ‘How do I choose a color scheme for my wedding?’ as we have short listed some of our favorite wedding color schemes that are not only trending but are also exceptionally appealing to fall in love with.

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Select Your Theme!

Since wedding is your special day, so it should be planned and organized in a way that truly reflects your personal style. But before choosing the wedding color schemes you need to decide on what theme you want to adopt as there are many amazing wedding color themes out there; like retro, romantic, country, seasonal, tropical, western, oriental, shabby chic, and beach. The wedding color schemes depend on the theme that you have selected for your wedding day, so make a perfect choice by picking the trending wedding colors and let your wedding be the talk of the town. 

Vintage Theme Wedding!

The most romantic, down to earth & classy weddings are the vintage themed ones, where the whole ambiance is filled with romance and elegance. Turn your wedding ambiance into an emblem of love and romance by decking it out in a traditional manner and choose some cool vintage-inspired wedding color schemes to highlight the aesthetic of your event. Choose shades of red to pastel pinks and blue to yellow and greens and let these wedding color schemes exude whimsy all around your retro themed wedding venue. For a wedding that is planned in summer, spring, or fall season, pick some amazing wedding color schemes like purple & gold or burgundy with orange & blush, even blue & yellow will imbue pure retro vibes all around your wedding space.

Fairytale Themed Wedding!

Everyone wants to have a wedding that is to be remembered fondly for a long time and a fairytale themed wedding is the one which will give that once-in-a-life-time experience. There are some magical wedding color schemes that can be opted for a fairytale theme while keeping the season in mind. For instance, a spring fairytale themed wedding with blush, peach, ivory, light blue & rose gold wedding color scheme can be a perfect choice. Whereas, using green & white with gold will be one cool wedding color scheme that will give your fairytale themed wedding a totally magnificent look.

Nautical Themed Wedding!

If you want to have a coastal-inspired themed wedding, then consider choosing some beachy wedding color schemes like teal & blue or silver, ivory & beige, as they will exude blissfulness of the ocean into your wedding. For a bohemian beach wedding, use peach and sage color palette or give your nautical summer beach wedding coral, fuchsia, & navy wedding color scheme. Picking rose gold, gold, & white for a late summer beach wedding will make your nautical themed wedding ceremony extra special and memorable. Ooze a beautiful rustic charm into your wedding activities, attires, and designs by opting for these mesmeric wedding color schemes and create a one-of-a-kind nautical themed wedding ambiance.

Garden Themed Wedding!

Planning a garden themed wedding will give you endless decorating options. While making the choice for wedding color schemes for a garden themed wedding, do opt for blush, pink, sage green, lavender, dusty blue, and yellow, as they will create a perfect garden look and feel. Blush & gray is one soft wedding color scheme that will ooze romantic vibes and choosing fuchsia, ivory, peach, with greenery will give you some alluring floral decoration options for your special day. Pairing gold & apple green with a touch of metallic accents in silverware and table runners will give personality to your garden themed wedding.


We hope that by reading this blog post, choosing wedding color schemes by theme won’t seem so overwhelming anymore. So, how are you going to choose your wedding color schemes for your special day? Do let us know in the comment section below!


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