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There is no denying the fact that chair décor is an important aspect when it comes to decorating an event and chair sashes are undeniably the best accessories for the purpose. Elegant chair sashes not only accentuate the celebratory joy of your special occasions but also turn your ordinary and dull-looking chairs into a mesmerizing ones. Unique chair sashes impart an elegant and refined look giving a chic edge to your chair décor, so pair your chair covers with chair sashes and add a striking oomph factor to your event design. Chair sashes come in a huge range of designs, colors, styles, & materials giving you the liberty to choose the one that best suits your style. Undoubtedly, chair cover sashes are a great addition to any event design irrespective of the scale or size of the event, but choosing the suitable chair sashes that complement the event’s theme is also an important decision. With so many interesting ways to style your chairs with sashes, many of us get confused about, ‘how long should chair sashes be?’ as different events call for different styling. Well, to help you know the right length of the chair sashes we have rounded up some tips, read along, and style like a pro!

Chair Decorations

Type Of Chairs

There are different types of chairs that we use at the events, so before deciding on how long you want your chair sashes to be, get to know about the type of chairs your venue offers. For instance, spandex chair sashes will look stunning if your wedding venue has banquet or folding chairs, or even uniquely tying embroidered chair sashes will impart an alluring charm. For chivari chairs, cover their backs by neatly looping chiffon chair sashes, organza chair sashes, or polyester chair sashes on the railing and pull them down to the floor to give a charmingly dramatic look.

Selection Of Fabric

The fabric material that you choose for your chair sashes also helps in deciding about how long should chair sashes be? If you want to hang chair sashes, then choose chiffon chair sashes as they have lovely draping ability. Want to create attractive bows & knots that won’t wilt away? Choose chairs sashes like burlap chair sashes, polyester chair sashes, or organza chair sashes and tie them horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the chair back. Opt for spandex chair sashes if you want to give a sleek fitted look to your party chairs or attain a glamorous allure by adorning your chairs with sequin spandex sashes.

Size Of Chair Sashes

Chair sashes come in different widths and lengths, thus it’s important to know about the size of the chair back sashes as well as the dimensions of the chairs. Measure the height of the chair back if you want your chair sash to droop down to the floor and then select the appropriate chair sashes to achieve your desired look. The width of the chair backs also varies with different types of chairs, so if you want to decorate your chair with a fitted chair band, estimate the width of your chair’s back and then evaluate the extending competency of the spandex chair sashes.

How To Style The Chairs With Sashes

Many of us find styling the chairs with elegant chair sashes a professional’s work, which it is not, by following the right steps anyone can style the chairs like a pro. For instance, if you want to style your chair covers with spandex chair sashes, choose contrasting colors and fix them on the top of the folding chairs. Choose contrasting chair sashes if your chairs are covered with chair covers. Tie pretty bows in the middle part of the chair using organza chair sashes and chair sash buckles and let them touch the floor. Pick the classic ladder weave style for Chiavari chairs and choose chiffon chair sashes, you simply have to drape each sash over the top of the chair back and make one half hanging over the seat and the other trailing on the floor, next, give equal space to make them apart and start weaving again. Another style is to weave these fancy chair sashes from the top of the chairs and make a knot with flowers, ribbons, or buckle & clips in the middle to give a charming allure.

Chair Sashes For Different Events

When it comes to styling the chairs with chair sashes there are different ways for different events. Emanate a majestic charm in your fairy-tale princess themed bash by choosing tulle chair sashes or curly willow chair sashes or opt for chiffon chair sashes, pintuck chair sashes, satin chair sashes, sequin chair sashes, or organza chair sashes for a wedding event. Add a wonderful appeal to your beach-themed party décor by tying seashells with serenity blue chair sashes on your chair backs.

Choose burlap chair sashes for rustic event décor and exude idyllic flair to your bucolic settings. Pick damask flocking chair sashes to redefine your French country theme and if you are going for a romantic floral décor, opt for floral chair sashes to gracefully style your chairs.

Achieve that sophisticated look for your corporate event, trade show, official luncheon, graduations parties by styling your chairs with spandex chair sashes. Choose long chair cover sashes like polyester chair sashes, organza chair sashes, sequin chair sashes, or satin chair sashes if your event has cocktail table legs and give a gracious look to your décor.



Style your chairs with fancy chair sashes and give an exotic touch to your chair décor. We hope that now you have a good understanding of how long should chair sashes be? Unleash your creativity and trendily decorate your chairs with chair sashes. Check out our exquisite range of cheap chair sashes to get the best value for your money. Happy Shopping!

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