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When it comes to holidays that are big on crafts, Valentine's Day definitely tops the list because nothing is more thoughtful and meaningful than handcrafted gifts and decor. It is the perfect holiday for a crafting spree and offers yet another chance to show off your creative skills. Since the heart motif is the emblem of all things romantic, creating DIY hearts for Valentine's Day makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? So, if you’re looking for ways to brew up some magic for your Valentine's Day celebration but are short on crafting ideas, try shaping up some chic heart decorations to impress the one who holds your heart. Do you love the idea but wondering how do you make a heart ornament that doesn’t look cheesy and kitschy? Don’t fret, we’re sharing some of the best heart-shaped crafts to help you bring out the romantic charm and ignite passion on the day of love. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down below and get inspired by our wonderful DIY Valentine's Day craft ideas to add a lovely personalized touch to your decorations.

Valentine's Day crafts

Charming Heart Ornaments For Valentine's Day Tree Decorations

If you don’t feel like putting away the faux Christmas tree after the festivities are over and need another holiday to use it, Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to decorate your tree one more time before you store it away for good. Create some lovely heart ornaments and hang them on the branches to transform your Christmas tree into a love tree. Write up heartfelt messages on red, pink, and ivory paper tags and suspend them from the branches using fancy satin ribbons for interactive decor. However, if you’re looking to perk up your holiday decor, decorate your tree with shiny heart-shaped balloons for added pizzazz and flamboyance. Moreover, you can also dangle heart-top bubble tubes using craft wire to bring in a whimsical flair to your celebration.

Heart-shaped Valentine's Day Wreaths

It is no secret that flowers and hearts are synonymous with Valentine's Day. Thus, combining the two motifs to create a gorgeous decor accent piece is definitely worth considering. This year, leave your heart out on the front door by crafting heart-shaped floral wreaths to take your valentine’s breath away. Carve out a heart using a round Styrofoam disc and hollow it out to form the wreath base. Next, stylishly embellish it with all kinds of different red and pink-colored silk florals to add gorgeous depth and dimension to your wreath decor. Hang this stunning floral wreath on your door or wall using a lustrous red or blush organza and satin ribbon for added charm and flair.

However, if you aren’t sure about your carving skills, use our mini leaf wired vine garland to shape your heart and entwine mini pinkpurple, and red roses all around it creating an elegant and sophisticated Valentine's Day wreath. You can even make mini versions of this wired garland wreath and place them on each dinner plate to elevate your Valentine's Day table setting to a whole new level of understated elegance and panache.

Dazzling Hearts

While your spouse or partner might have swept you off your feet at first sight years ago, this year make sure to steal away your beloved’s heart and make them fall in love with you all over again with a dazzling heart ornament. You can either use mini heart tags or cut out a heart-shaped base using a silver glittery foam sheet and bedazzle them with varying-sized stick on rhinestones creating a shimmering accent piece. Stick a few of these scintillating hearts on your handbag to add a little sparkle to your ensemble or scatter them all over the table runner to instantly glam up your Valentine's Day dinner date tablescape.

Whether you want to use DIY hearts for Valentine’s Day decorations or as a gift, they are the perfect crafting project to get into the love-filled holiday spirit. We can’t wait to hear what you do with your heart ornaments. Tell us all about your ideas in the comment box below!

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