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Creativity is intelligence having fun! What a beautiful quote describing how your imagination levels up the excitement while innovating new crafts. If you’re one of those art lovers who’re always ready to bring their artistry into action, we have plenty of crafting supplies waiting to help you beautify your upcoming projects just the way you want. Be it artificial flowers, pom-poms, or feathers, we have all the alluring accents available at Tableclothsfactory that’ll mesmerize your creative soul. Are you on the lookout for some enticing DIY craft ideas? How about making some pretty do it yourself kiss balls. Usher a floral charm into your décor by creating pretty blooming accents and placing them atop tall vases or hanging them along the wall to symbolize and spread romantic love all over your space.

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Give Some Structure To The Foam Balls

Decorating your event with pomander kissing balls is a lot of fun. These pretty little accents make an impressive statement no matter how you choose to incorporate them into your décor. At Tableclothsfactory, you can find our stellar collection of kissing balls with artificial hydrangea flowers and roses in many pretty colors. But you can always create a one-of-a-kind flower ball by using our craft supplies for a personalized touch. All you need is a foam ball, floral wire, ribbon, artificial silk flowers, greenery accents, and hot glue. Begin by wrapping floral wire around the foam ball and trimming the excess wire as you reach the starting point. You may also wrap a piece of wire tightly around the middle section of your ball as it’ll give a firm structure to your foam ball and keep the flowers attached to it. For the hanging loop, cut the ribbon to the desired length and slip one end under at least three of the wire wrappings tying a double knot to firmly grip the beautifully embellished artificial hanging flowers. You can skip this part and create a hole on each side of the foam with a bamboo skewer to insert a ribbon for hanging the finished kissing ball or you can place it atop tall floral stands, candle holders, and cylindrical glass vases filled with ice beads or pearl beads to accentuate the event aesthetics.  

Create a Color Coordinated Look

Pomander kissing balls are easy to create as long as you know how to enhance their visual appeal by mixing different colors and textures together. Choose a color scheme for the artificial flowers that look real and cluster them up onto a foam ball to match with your event décor. Whichever flowers you choose, make sure to fully cover your foam ball for a voluminous look. We’d suggest you add cream roses, pink butterfly orchids, and blush peonies along with hints of green accents to create an aesthetic look.

Trim The Stems Of Silk Flowers As Needed

Arranging different artificial flowers together is an art. It can be tricky to balance the colors while also enhancing the overall visual appeal. Think of all the beautiful blooming accents you can include and then pick the ones you find most appealing for your floral ball. Hydrangeas, peonies, roses, orchids, and lilies, we have them all available at Tableclothsfactory for you to create dreamy crafts. You can trim the stem off the flowers as you like and keep only 2 to 3 inches of the stem intact to get a neat, manicured look. Even the artificial flower heads can be wired with our green floral wire to pierce into the ball leaving no gaps in between the flowers. The goal is to create a voluminous flower ball no matter how many flowers you choose to decorate it with.  

Add A Dramatic Finish to Enhance Lovely Textures

Bring some drama and character to your flower balls by mixing different textures together. Once you’ve covered the foam with the best artificial flowers, add hints of green sprays and pearl bead wire stems to enhance your arty craft tenfold. Our pomander kissing balls are available in different colors and textures but the ones you’d create will have a personalized touch and impress everyone. So, go for it and carry these attractive floral bouquets along the aisle, hang them on the back of chairs, or display them as table centerpieces to impart an enchanting allure all around your party space.


Bring in an ethereal charm into your décor by mixing and matching different colors and textures together to create timeless accents. Feel free to explore all your options at Tableclothsfactory and gather all the artificial flowers and crafting supplies to show off your artsy skills to the world. Also, leave a comment below to inspire us with your innovative ideas. We’d love to know how creative you are!



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