90" Sequin Table Overlays


90" Sequin Table Overlays

Are you enchanted with sparkly linens? This is for a reason – according to recent scientific research, we love glittery things since they are reminiscent of water streams sparkling in the sun. This means that not only you but also your guests, won’t be able to suppress those “oohs” and “aahs” at the sight of our 90'' grand duchess sequin overlays. Featuring multiple sequin discs, intricately stitched onto mesh base, our sequin table overlays will bedazzle even the most particular invitees.

With a rainbow of shades, you can always find a perfect sequin mesh overlay that matches your tablecloth, napkins, sashes, and even floral tabletop centerpieces. Thus, to get the most of your blush satin table linen, we highly recommend spreading our Navy Blue Premium Sequin Square Overlay over them. Those who are looking for gold sequin table overlay for their black satin tablecloth and napkins shouldn’t look any further than our Gold Premium Sequin Square Overlay. In case a premium sequin square tablecloth overlay doesn’t exude enough shimmer and glimmer to satisfy your urge for sparkles, there’s no doubt that our Premium Big Payette Sequin Overlays will fulfill your “glitter” needs with its 18-millimeter round sequins!

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that sometimes there are those spotlight occasions that require an extra dose of sparkle. In case your plain linens seem a bit lackluster to you, don’t fret – simply dress them up with linens from our sequin overlay collection, and the result will exceed your expectations! Whether you need a black, red, blue, or gold sequin tablecloth, please don’t hesitate to shop for everything you need from our sequin collection!

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