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Artificial Green Wall & DIY Flower Wall Panels


Lifelike Artificial Green Wall & DIY Flower Wall Panels!

Artificial Green Wall

Imagine glamour in your favored meeting place or extravagance at the next astonishing event you are hosting. We offer Artificial Green Wall & DIY Flower Wall Panels that will make an optically overwhelming embellishment anywhere you require a breath of life! These artificial grass wall panels are compact, long-lasting, and can easily be fastened to one another for a hassle-free setup. While the silk flowers incorporating our flower wall panels wholesale will continue to gleam and remain the star of your backdrop and celebrations.

Tired of taking care of your lawn or you live in a house that doesn't have a place for your dog to play? This sounds like you need some artificial grass carpet. Artificial grass rugs require no maintenance and don't attract bugs, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space. 

For your pets, there is an artificial grass carpet roll commonly known as a synthetic turf mat that has been specifically designed to not hurt their paws. This artificial grass mat can be used in outdoor or indoor applications and is commonly found in commercial fitness studios, backyards, doggy daycares. drywall, concrete, wooden walls, and much more.

Featuring natural-looking Hydrangea Flowers in a flower wall mat panel that can create a visually gorgeous décor with its good finishing perfect for where complete concealment is required. These artificial foliage walls are intricately handcrafted with brilliant finishing and detailed small green leaves that impart a dense and naturally opaque look. These realistic-looking decorative green panels feature lifelike boxwood leaves on sturdy plastic netting that is bendable, can be trimmed, and can easily be attached to most structures.

DIY Flower Wall Panels
Boxwood Hedge Wall

Create magical backdrops, wall coverings, photo backgrounds, fence accents, build hedges, lush passageways or paths, or even vertical gardens with our flower wall panels wholesale. Artificial flower wall backdrop is flawlessly and masterfully attached to sturdy plastic netting that is bendable, can be trimmed, and can easily be attached to most structures.

Connect two or more ageless flower wall mat panels for longer presentations, or cut it with a pair of scissors into creative shapes and dimensions. For a truly mesmerizing look, adorn these panels with our Giant Foam Flowers, Silk Petals, Ivy Garlands, Foam Letters and Banners, and other dream-like access.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make a DIY flower wall ?

Ans: Start arranging your DIY flower wall panels on top of your wooden board. Once your wooden board is set with thumbtack grooves, start connecting your silk flower panels. You can add different flowers, faux foliages, and decor to your wall once all of your flower panels are in place. Adding extra decor can help augment your event theme or color palette while highlighting your overall design.

2. Where to buy flower wall backdrop ?

Ans: Buy artificial flower wall backdrop from TableclothsFactory at a very low price. Our DIY flower wall panels offer high style and high value without costing too much making them perfect for any type of holiday, anniversary, birthday, wedding party, or event that calls for a gorgeous and bold photo booth backdrop that the guest can enjoy taking pictures of.

3. How to install artificial green wall ?

Ans: Worried about setting up? Don't be! Assembling our faux greenery wall couldn't be easier. Start by measuring and marking the wall or surface where you are installing your plant wall with a pencil. Once done, gather your artificial boxwood hedge wall panels together and start connecting them. 

Fasten the green wall panels on your chosen backing with a staple gun, nail, or hooks and cut any extra part with a pair of scissors. You can also add decorations like floral hoop wreaths, monograms, or LED lights for a more stunning grass wall decor.

4. How do I decorate my grass walls ?

Ans: Grass walls can be great displays for parties, weddings, or any event where pictures for groups and couples are encouraged. Green is a pleasant color and will complement most outfits very well. Add some accents like colorful balloons, giant paper flowers, butterfly 3d stickers, artificial garlands, and other decors. Personalize according to your liking to make the display pop.

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