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The Very Best Artificial Succulents & Succulent Planters!

Artificial Succulents

Plants, whether live or artificial or a mixture of both, unmistakably bring indoor spaces closer to nature while providing a relaxing environment. Featuring an array of supple Artificial Succulents in contemporary plant pots for an extra added touch of realism, or if you prefer them out of succulent planters so you can arrange them in larger pots or in glass terrariums, we also have them available.

Their incredible lifelike greenery is crafted of PVC and polyresin, so you can skip watering, making them completely maintenance-free. Each mini-plant has a different style, color, and size to give onlooker's visual interest. These hassle-free succulent arrangements also provide a bit of modern appeal and versatility to freshen up any space and complement any home decor.

Add a dash of natural green to any space with these realistic looking bulk faux succulents and assorted cactus plants which are perfect to display on your bookshelf, living room mantle, coffee table, dining room table, cabinet, counter, bathroom shelf, kitchen window, foyer, and any other place to bring an organic style and refreshing colors of nature.

Besides home and office decoration, our everlasting bulk faux succulents also make an ideal succulent favors wedding for succulent themed weddings or as a decorative accent piece for Rustic Parties, Woodland, Southwestern, and Garden-themed Weddings and Events.

Succulent Planters
Succulent Arrangements

These mini succulents in bulk for sale with their plump leaves and fresh color of real succulent plants bring the warmth of fresh greenery. Located in both tropical as well as desert environments, these small succulent plants have a magnificent sculptural aspect. We've included classic leafy rosettes, echeveria stems, spike aeonium, and many more succulent varieties in this perpetually fresh collection.

Place these bulk faux succulent potted plants wherever you’d like a brush of modern greenery present, whether flanking the console tabletop on your entryway, or on the marble kitchen island for an added element of green. Group these artificial plants together with other botanicals and air plants, or tuck one into desolate corners and shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy artificial succulents ?

Ans: Create your faux indoor garden with colorful succulent plants from TableclothsFactory. These beautiful decorative items are available in a plethora of vibrant colors and styles that expertly mimic the appearance of live succulents. Add some artificial succulents in pots to tables and surfaces throughout your home, or use your succulent arrangements to bring life to an empty wall.

2. How to make artificial succulent arrangements ?

Ans: Fill a classic vase or glass terrarium with the artificial succulent of your choice to create an eye-catching presentation for your coffee table or end tables. Complete the look with our preserved moss, pebble vase fillers, and a decorative tray as the base.

3. How to pot artificial succulents ?

Ans: There is no denying that succulents in pots can add so much personality and vitality to any flat surface in the house, such as bookshelves in the living room, dressers in the bedroom, or countertops in the bathroom. Since we have a selection of potted artificial succulents available, you won't have to worry about potting them anymore.

Many of these potted arrangements feature a variety of mixed faux succulents for a diverse color and texture. Choose from a variety of our echeveria succulents and faux cactus plants to capture the lasting appeal of the desert indoors.

4. Where can I buy artificial cactus plants ?

Ans: A wholesome dose of greenery is adequate to brighten up any room, but not everyone is gifted with a green thumb. Get the look of fresh greens without any maintenance by decorating with artificial cactus plants. Faux cactus plants from TableclothsFactory look very similar to the real ones. Add a touch of outdoor beauty to any indoor space with our mini succulents that are available in pots and without pots.

5. Where to buy mini succulents in bulk ?

Ans: When the desire for greenery in your home is greater than your lack of a green thumb, our variety of succulents, botanicals, and artificial flowers is the perfect solution. Create a fresh, festive atmosphere year-round in any room in your home with our Artificial Succulents, Succulent Planters, Succulent Arrangements, and more.

Bring the charm of nature to tabletops with faux cactus plants, or enhance your reading nook with hanging glass globes of faux succulent plantsJust because they're artificial doesn't mean you can't get crafty about making your DIY terrariums with our variety of artificial succulent plants. Decorating with plants is even more enjoyable with our succulent decor while trying to think of the right sun care is no longer a dilemma.

Design gorgeous centerpieces for the living room table or as part of your outdoor décor. Welcome visitors with vertical boxes at your doorway, or embrace a good night's sleep with beautiful faux succulent arrangements in your bedroom. The possibilities are boundless and made inexpensive with our collection.

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