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Glass Candle Holders

Not sure how to bring your standard candle holders to life? Are you looking for the perfect glass candle holders to match your interior décor? No need to worry as we got a wide variety of designs, sizes, and shapes of glass candle stick holders that will undoubtedly capture your taste for your interior decorations!

If you want to elevate the aesthetic value of your candles, check out our decorative glass candle holders that will surely enhance the beauty of your candles. However, if you want to add a luxurious accent to your tablescape, opt for our premium hurricane taper crystal glass candle holder that gives a bedazzling touch to your table centerpieces. Whereas, in case you want to present a massive decor statement, both our mercury glass candle holders and long stem candle holders are the perfect solutions for you.

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Our goal at TableclothsFactory is to provide solutions for your glass and crystal candle holder needs to help you transform your interior decor at surprisingly low prices. Explore our online store and check out our exclusive collection of glass candle holders. Visit us now!



1. How to decorate glass votive candle holders ?

Ans: Like glass hurricanes, votive holders have long proven to be a DIY classic. Everyone loves them for their unmatched affordability, their amazing versatility, and their ability to create an instant atmosphere. Here are some ways to embellish these plain votive candle holders bulk and transform them into stylish additions to your home décor.

  • An inexpensive approach you can try is to use stylish washi tape to make crystal votive candle holders look dazzling and trendy.
  • Fill your tall votive candle holders with beautiful beach items like white fine sand and random-sized seashells.
  • Surround clear votive holders with jute ribbons and wooden sticks to achieve a rustic farmhouse vibe.
  • Wrap decorative votive candle holders in dried cornhusks and tie them in place with a ribbon or jute string.
  • Adorn stemmed votive candle holders with tissue paper in various colors and mod podge.
  • Cut patterns from self-adhesive paper, and then attach the design to your glass votives.
  • Wrap a piece of lace around small votive candle holders and hold it in place with clear tape.

    2. What to do with used glass candle holders ?

    Ans: Wondering what to do with used table candle holders once the candle has melted? There are actually many ways to recycle these beautiful candle containers. Start by removing wax residue from the inside and read below for inspiration on how to recycle those versatile vessels throughout your home.

    • Organize your dressing table by placing makeup brushes and lip liners in a glass hurricane vase.
    • Turn crackle glass vases into desk organizers by filling them with anything from pens and pencils to paper clips, staples, and small post-it notes.
    • Decorate your bathroom without worrying about anything clashing with your aesthetic. Use colored glass candle holders to hold your toothbrush, cotton swabs, and other bathroom essentials.
    • Create a DIY succulent terrarium using big candle holders and set them on tables.
    • Old glass candle bowls are great for sorting out and storing things like nails, screws, and coins. These clear containers have the added benefit of making it easy for you to see what you are storing.
    • Another ideal way to repurpose worn-out glass candle containers wholesale is by using them as vases for beautiful flowers and greens.

      3. How to get old wax out of glass candle holders ?

      Ans: If you love collecting empty candle jars and want to make something useful out of these used candle vases that are piling up somewhere, the first step in doing so is to remove traces of wax from the inside. There are many surprisingly easy ways to remove wax from glass candle vessels so that you can repurpose the containers as storage, decoration, or even a home for new candles.

      Candles, when frozen, become brittle and will therefore make it easier for you to remove them from decorative candle jars. Just put the used candle containers in your freezer for a couple of hours. Once the candle has frozen, you will see that it will just pop right off. Pour some warm water on a paper towel and wipe off any wax residue.

      For stubborn wax residue, get a hairdryer, set it to medium, and heat the candle wax. Once it's cool enough to handle, wipe off the melted wax with a clean cloth or paper towel. Wash glass containers for candles with soapy water and dry them. Another method to consider is to soak used unique candle vessels in hot water with a little vinegar and scrape off the wax residue once it becomes soft.

      4. Where to buy glass candle holders ?

      Ans: Illuminate your mantel, coffee table, or dining table with a collection of candles displayed in decorative glass candle holders from TableclothsFactory. Add a magnificent touch to your decor when you incorporate our gorgeous collection of modern candle holders into your home. 

      Use our fancy candle holders with tapered candles and line them up the center of your dining table. Or fill our glass candle jars wholesale with pillar candles that are the perfect accents for a mantel or porch, while our delicate tealight holders can be grouped on a coffee table to add a touch of sparkle to your home space. 

      These glass candle jars also make amazing centerpieces and come in a wide array of styles ranging from classic to modern to help you create the look you want. They are wonderful alone or with flowers and greenery for centerpieces. Additionally, these bulk candle jars are exceptionally practical because they can be adapted to coordinate with any season. For a stress-free online shopping experience, browse our incredible selection of glass candle vessels and holders now.

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