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105 Watt Fluorescent Full Spectrum 6500K Daylight Balanced Light Bulb For Photography Video Home Lighting - Buy One Get One Free

Item Number:PHOTO_LGT_005

  • $21.19

Perfect Light Bulbs are super bright, perfect for lighting an entire room, a photo-shoot or a video production. Modern spiral shape coupled with bright illumination, make these bulbs perfect for Professional Photography.

Use these durable bulbs to not only get perfectly bright lamination for shooting your photos, but also to save energy up to 80%. Regular screw base can fit easily into any bulb holder, making your photo shoot experience smooth and hassle-free.

Additional Information:

  • Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Full Spectrum Spiral Bulbs
  • QTY - 2 Light Bulbs ( 1+1 free)
  • Saves Energy Up To 80%.
  • Regular Screw Base.
  • Color Temperature: 6500K and Lamp Tone: Daylight
  • Watts: 105W (Equivalent to 350W Incandescent Light Bulb Output)
  • Overall Diameter: 3", Overall length: 10"

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