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6 Pack Gold Partyville Plastics Disposable Candy Scooper

6 Pack Gold Partyville Plastics Disposable Candy Scooper


  • $4.99

Excite the child inside you with these plastic candy scoopers that will assist you in scooping lots and lots of candies from tall apothecary jars without spilling and messing your hands up. Satisfy your hankering that yells loudly Its All Mine!!!" on sighting a luscious selection of candies in any candy bar with our cute candy scoopers. These handy scoopers let you fill your plate and cravings with delicious and colorful sweets and candies. No spilling or stained hands involved in grabbing loads of your favorite candies, use ALL MINE" candy scoopers to let your guests indulge in a fanciful trip to a candy land! 

Additional Information:

  • Product Material : Hard Plastic
  • Color : Gold 
  • Product Length : 6 Inch
  • Product Width : 2 Inch
  • BPA Free : Yes
  • Eco Friendly : Yes
  • Bio Degradable : Yes
  • WARNING : Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe

Uses : Wedding, Party, Banquet, Home, Birthday, Picnic and Outdoor Disposable Dinnerware

Note: Sale is for candy scoopers only. Other decorating supplies not included

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