Can Artificial Flowers Be Used For A Wedding?

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Flowers play a starring role in any wedding design as they add color, excitement, and intimate sensations to your ambiance and help you show off your wedding theme and preferred color palette most artistically. We all agree to the point that a great wedding requires detailing and each detail adds up to the overall wedding budget. One of the biggest expenses in terms of décor is a gorgeous flower arrangement. You might dream of having breathtaking bridal flower bouquets, a gorgeous living wall of roses behind your wedding altar, and banquet tables filled with dozens of fresh blooms but once you calculate the estimate, it becomes difficult to bring your floral dreams to reality. Even though nothing beats the elegance and scent of fresh flowers, arranging fresh seasonal flowers to prettify the venue as per your wedding theme and flower choices could be intimidating and pricey. Thanks to the growing trends, popularity, accessibility, and superior quality of artificial flowers which have become the ultimate lifesavers. You won't have to worry about your exquisite blooms fading or drooping even before the celebration comes to an end. The best part about choosing artificial flowers over fresh ones is that you may select the types that complement your wedding style and cravings regardless of the season because they thrive in all seasons with the same splendor and vibrancy. If you have decided to go faux in place of fresh flowers for your upcoming soiree to bring in an undeniable vitality and fresh charm but have concerns like can I use fake flowers for my wedding, continue reading as we have put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the use of silk flowers which are meant to last forever with the same beauty and freshness.    

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How Much Do Fake Flowers Cost For A Wedding?

Undoubtedly, a wedding flower arrangement takes up a big portion of your overall event budget so opting for faux flowers in place of fresh blooms to minimize the floral expense would help you throw a grand wedding party without being cautious about the budget constraints. Surely, artificial flowers are the ideal choice as they are more pocket friendly, everlasting, and give you tons of design ideas as they come in all types, colors, and materials like paper, silk, and foam flowers, and give you endless opportunities to arrange them using your own creativity. From magnificent floral showpieces, impressive flower girl headbands, and lively photo backdrops to elegant stage decorations, fake wedding flowers can cost you anything from $15-$1500 depending on the style, class, and quantity of the flowers you are ordering to add uniqueness and ingenuity to your over the top floral arrangement.

Are Fake Flowers Cheaper For Weddings?

Every couple dreams of creating an incredibly spectacular wedding with a grand decoration that is affordable, durable, and easy on their pockets and nothing could serve the purpose best than faux flowers that appear as a stunning, long-lasting, and often cheaper alternative for fresh wedding flowers.  Even though fresh flowers bring all the natural charisma and refreshing beauty they also demand constant care and are limited to seasonal availability with high price tags while our silk flowers despite their life-like appearance, unlimited color and design choices are inexpensive and budget-friendly. The harsh reality associated with fresh blooms is that eventually they all get discarded after the event no matter how much is invested in the arrangement. On the other hand, artificial flower arrangements that are eternally beautiful can easily be rearranged to become a part of your new life, giving you lovely memories of your big day to cherish forever. So surely fake flowers are the best option for all those who don’t want to give up on their desired wedding floral dreams just because the real ones are expensive. Visit our online store to buy artificial flowers in bulk as we have the most stunning, vibrant, and surprisingly cost-effective fake flowers available to let you experience the most memorable wedding with minimum investment on your flower arrangements.

How Much Do Silk Bridal Bouquets Cost?

Flowers have been the most important part of the bridal look since long as they are the symbol of love, fidelity, and new beginnings, making them a perfect wedding accessory. Certainly, a silk bridal bouquet has taken the main role in modern bridal aesthetics as it not only offers the finest colors, vast variety, and multiple textures to complement the bridal gown but can also be kept as an additional keepsake of the day that the couple can treasure forever. You can always order silk flower bouquets before the event date and save on time and arrangement costs. Although there is no fixed cost for a silk bridal bouquet as it varies in terms of size, design, and the quality you prefer but an average silk wedding bouquet will cost you a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $100 as per your likes and desires. Whether you have a bright and bold wedding color scheme or love a single color palette to keep your flower décor exclusive, we have an elite range of artificial flowers for you to choose from as per your likes and preferences. Check out our dreamy range of rose bouquets, attractive artificial peonies, elegant faux carnations, delightful dahlias & daisies, and convenient floral supplies to enthrall your guests with your creative and dynamic flower bouquet and take your joyous moments to new altitudes of intimacy and affection.

Certainly, a wedding can’t be imagined without a gorgeous flower arrangement that complements your décor theme while staying fresh and dazzling even after the event is over. Try out our artificial flowers in place of fresh ones to add long-lasting joy and intimate vibes to your wedding ambiance. Which of our silk flowers will you be ordering to create your bridal bouquet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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