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Fabric Bolts & Bags

    • Spruce Things Up with Our Chic Fabric Home Decor Ideas

      Spruce Things Up with Our Chic Fabric Home Deco...

      Fabric Bolts & Bags Holiday Decor

      Are you searching for eccentric decor ideas to elegantly revamp your home interior design and chase away the quarantine blues? Try your hand at decorating with fabric to give a riveting personalized touch to your space. Whether you are looking to update your living space or you want to stylishly accentuate your tabletop decor, fabric is one of the most versatile materials out there that can be fashioned into something exquisite and out of the ordinary to impart a modish flair. From stunning accent pieces and fabric crafts to vibrant cushion covers, table runners, slipcovers, and fabric curtains, there is so much you can do with a bolt of fabric. Read on to discover some amazing and nifty fabric ideas and incorporate different hues, designs, patterns, and fabric textures in your interior decor to imbue a charming and refined allure to your space!

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    • Give Your Home Decor A Fresh Makeover With Tableclothsfactory’s Fabric Collection!

      Give Your Home Decor A Fresh Makeover With Tabl...

      Fabric Bolts & Bags Home Decor

      Life is all about enjoying simple joys and celebrating friends and family even in the toughest of situations. . Cherish the moments of hope and happiness with your loved ones by keeping up the positive spirits and exuding refreshing vibes around your home with simple decoration hacks. Transform the plain and lackluster ambiance of your home into a vibrant and rejuvenating realm by swathing it with lush and luxurious Fabric. Give an ultra modern twist to your drab bedroom linens, drawing room draperies, lackluster tabletops and chair covers with some high-quality yet affordable fabric and impart an ingenious and creative appeal to your space. Our collection of Fabric By The Yard will surely add a dash of finesse into your place and will highlight the aesthetics of your indoor oasis. Read on as we have pulled together some eccentric ways to help you pep up your home decor in the most enchanting way with decorative fabric and turn your indoors into an emblem of sophistication and elegance.

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    • A Velvety Affair - Exquisite Ideas for a Velvet-Themed Décor

      A Velvety Affair - Exquisite Ideas for a Velvet...

      Fabric Bolts & Bags wedding

      Planning an event and still unsure about the theme? Celebrate in an effortless style with a velvet-themed décor as the lush velvet fabric speaks volumes of its grandeur and luxury. We consider velvet to be a versatile weave that can be incorporated in almost every element of your event’s décor. From decor to a bride and groom’s attire, velvet is a timeless choice for a theme throughout the year. Gone are the days when this lush fabric was considered only to be used for the decoration of a winter celebration. Plan your next summer soiree with our exquisite velvet-themed décor ideas to ooze grandeur and festivity into the ambiance.

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    • Create your Own No-Sew Tulle Table Skirt!

      Create your Own No-Sew Tulle Table Skirt!

      DIY Ideas Fabric Bolts & Bags Table Linens

        It’s time to think out of the box, and create something new on our DIY Corner; a brand new feature on our blog for you, where we will share tips, tricks, and interesting new ways to use our products. As a reprise of our popular Tutu Tutorial Video we did last year, This week’s feature is a DIY Tulle Table Skirt that requires absolutely no sewing and minimal materials. Does it sound almost too good to be true? Although it does take a bit of work it, the outcome is so amazing that it will leave your guests believing that you are a crafting genius!   You can also follow along our Tutu Tutorial video on youtube  on how to tie the knot onto the elastic: Start off with your materials: 4-6 Rolls of 6in tulle (depends on how full you want the table skirt and how big your table is) elastic to fit the edge of your table scissors safety pins cardboard sheet the length of your table to the floor A Base Tablecloth (We used our Spandex Fitted Tablecloth) Step 1: Put the base tablecloth on your table and measure out the edge with the elastic band. The fit should be tight and snug. When you get the fit, safety pin the ends of the elastic and for security, safety pin the corners of the table. (Or 4 opposite points of the table if you are using a round table) Step 2: Create your tulle pieces by unwinding your tulle rolls onto the cardboard piece that is the length of how far you want the Table Skirt to hang. Keep on winding until the roll is no more. Step 3: When the cardboard is all full of tulle, cut the tulle on ONE of the ends of the cardboard. This will leave a pile of tulle that is twice the desired length of your table skirt. Step 4: Continue doing the last step with all your rolls and colors. Depending on how big your table is and how full you would like the table, you may need more rolls. For the fullness in the completed photo, we used 6 rolls of tulle for a standard rectangular table. Step 5: When all your tulle is cut, you’re ready to tie the tulle pieces onto the elastic with a slip knot. Not sure how to tie a slip knot? If the following instructions are too confusing, you can follow our youtube tutorial on No-Sew Tutus. The method is about the same. Start off by folding your tulle pieces in half and slipping the tulle under the elastic on your table. If you want it fuller, you can grab more than one piece at a time. For our table skirt, we used one pink piece and one lavender piece. As the photo shows, the loop that is formed from folding the piece of tulle in half is peeking out from under the elastic. Step 6: Pull the loop over the piece of elastic, and slip the rest of the tulle that is still behind the elastic through the loop. This part may be a bit confusing, but you can see this step in detail on the youtube video linked above.    Step 7: Now that the tulle has been tied onto the elastic, keep going until you reach your way all around the table. If you see the tulle get too heavy for the elastic to hold it up, safety pin the elastic to the tablecloth, and it should help support the weight. All Done!

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    • New “Besos” Embroidered Fabrics

      New “Besos” Embroidered Fabrics

      Fabric Bolts & Bags

      Here at tableclothsfactory, we are expanding our fabric collection! One of our newest fabrics that has just arrived is our “Muchos Besos” Embroidered fabric. The name originates from Spanish meaning “Many Kisses”, something we want to express through this beautiful fabric. The body of this fabric is made up of a sheer delicate organza, while the accented designs include interconnected leaves and flowers in a soft velvet. This type of fabric is highly recommended in making sashes, runners, drapery and even veils. If you’re really feeling bold, it would make a unique and gorgeous outer layer for skirts and dresses. We have two sizes available as well; Our smaller 12″x 10 yards size and the 54″x 10 yards size. The colors that we’re showcasing here are only a fraction of what we’re starting to carry. We currently have a total of 13 different colors for this fabric, so check them out here: Muchos Besos Embroidered Fabrics

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    • Fabric Types and Comparisons

      Fabric Types and Comparisons

      Fabric Bolts & Bags

      Often our customers ask about our fabrics. What type of fabric is suitable for your use? How do fabrics differ from each other. It is true that depending on what you’re using the fabric for, different fabrics are appropriate for different projects. Today, we will go over some of the common properties and uses of our fabric bolts.   Textured Slub vs Polyester Fabric Bolt The Textured Slub is one of our newest items. It is similar to our polyester in many ways, such as the weight and the feel, however it’s weaved in a way where the yarns have a pulled and twisted effect, so there is a slight texture on the fabric; similar to what you see on silk shantung or dupioni. This twisting of the fabric is what is called slub. Our polyester is available in a plain weave with no texture, making it sturdy and easy to clean. These types of fabric are perfect for making clothing, drapes and decorations, as well as crafts, and the weight of the fabric makes it a perfect fabric for sewing. These fabrics are only available in solid colors as only. Zebra Stripes Fabric Bolt vs Leopard Spots fabric bolt vs Flocking Damask Fabric Bolt The materials for our Zebra, Leopard and Flocking Damask are practically identical. It begins with a taffeta base, and the patterns are created with velvet. The main difference for each of these different types of fabric is the pattern. These fabrics are perfect decorations and drapes. The soft and light feel of this fabric allows it to fall delicately and beautifully. Crinkle Taffeta Fabric Bolt vs Satin Fabric Both our Crinkle Taffeta and Satin are similar as in they both have a shiny finish and are of a medium weight, but the material itself is very different. The crinkle taffeta fabric bolt is made of our synthetic taffeta material, carefully pressed for a consistent “wrinkly” texture. Its shine is pretty subtle compared to the satin fabric. Our satin fabric is made with a synthetic material, where the yarns are weaved in a way where the fabric emits a nice smooth shine. Both fabrics are similar in weights and drape. If you want your evening to stand out, consider using it for an elegant table runner or sashes, or perhaps even a dress or shawl.   Tulle bolt vs Organza vs Embroider vs Chiffon Fabric Bolt The common trait of these types of fabrics is that they are all sheer, and is very light in weight. Our tulle and organza bolts are both made of a nylon material. Their properties and the way they fall are perfect for making veils and petticoats. Chiffon is very much like our tulle and organza, as they are made with a similar type of synthetic material, however, this material doesn’t hold its shape as well as the tulle and organza when bunched up. It drapes easily, and is perfect for skirts, dresses and curtain panels. Our embroidered line of fabrics is basically our organza, with some flair. Same properties and weight, with an additional leaf and swirl motifs satin embroidered onto it.

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    • Creating Exciting Event Decor with Taffeta Fabric

      Creating Exciting Event Decor with Taffeta Fabric

      event decor Fabric Bolts & Bags

      Taffeta fabric is fascinating because of its shimmer – and crinkled taffeta is especially captivating. You’ll find many wonderful ways to use this material in decorating for events, especially in light of modern trends toward creating party and reception backdrops. Simple reception backdrops can be made with taffeta fabric in any color. Pinned or stapled to a wall to look like curtains, the material can be draped to frame a life-sized picture or a giant poster. This is a wonderful way to accent a theme or celebrate a participant in the event. Layered colors of the material can be used for even more sophisticated décor. Try creating a photography backdrop for special event memento photos. Use crinkled taffeta strips to create oversized ribbons and drape them along a ceiling or table edge. Accent the tables with contrasting fabric flowers of taffeta. Tiny taffeta flowers can be crafted to use as cake decorations or party favors. You can also use the material in vases or glass bowls to float in water or add color to floating candles. Make your own chair accents and sashes with taffeta fabric for hard to fit chairs. How have you created captivating displays at birthdays, showers, dances, banquets and weddings easily with these tips. 

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